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What Are Night Out Apps and What Features Do They Use?

While mobile apps are great for things like entertainment, dating, and streaming your favorite shows, they can also be incredibly helpful when it comes to planning a night out.

There’s an abundance of apps that help users discover local events, happy hour deals, and planning outings.

(Check out our video below to see how you can implement a calendar into your app!)

Remember, mobile apps bring value by offering convenience. Helping users plan their night out, whether it’s a last minute hotel deal for a staycation or a concert, is an opportunity. 

What ideas do you have for your night out app?

In this article, we’ll review some key features of night out apps and what the top apps offer.

Table of Contents

  1. Night Out App Important Features
  2. User Registration
  3. Geolocation
  4. Social Media
  5. Push Notifications
  6. Real-Time Event Discovery and Dynamic Recommendations
  7. Interactive Event Planning Tools
  8. Top Night Out Apps
  9. Bandsintown
  10. Eventbrite
  11. Meetup
  12. Discotech
  13. Pick a Niche

Chapter #1: Night Out App Important Features

Before we dive into some popular night out apps, you should first have a good understanding of what kind of features this category of app offers its users.

This can vary, since there are all kinds of night apps available. Some of these apps work to connect users to local events, some help users find event deals, and so on. 

As you can imagine, what features your app offers will greatly depend on the service and product provided by your app.

Still, there are some key features you should consider when building your app.

1.1 User Registration

While most apps can benefit greatly from having user registration and login capabilities, this is especially important for night out apps.

It allows the app to gather important information from users, like their name, age, gender, location, and interests, to display the most relevant events.

User registration typically only asks for some basic questions, like name and contact information, but it can also be useful for the app to let users enter more details about themselves which can help the app’s algorithm.

And of course, the more data you have on your users the better, especially if your business model is advertising.

Adding social media to their registration can also be beneficial. This can allow users to post what their plans are or to connect with friends who are also using the app.

1.2 Geolocation

Having a geolocation feature is one of the most important aspects of a night out app. After all, the app will be needing your location in order to keep you updated on local events, deals, and more.

All smartphone devices have a GPS chip in them which can be utilized and integrated with geolocation APIs, like Google Maps API or Google Location Services API.

It’s common for users to opt-in for geolocation services. If they don’t, the app can still have the option for users to manually enter their location instead.

To get users to opt-in, ensure your geolocation prompt asking for their permission is communicated so as to highlight the value of this feature and why it’s

important when using the app.

Photo Credit: radar.io

Users tend to want to opt-out of geolocation because they don’t want to feel “watched”. In fact, data shows that 52% of users feel at risk when using location-tracking apps.

So the key is to be transparent and convey how you handle user data and why geolocation is important for your night out app.

1.3 Social Media

Social media integration is a great addition to a mobile app for a few reasons. 

The users can use it to check-in at places and events. They can share events or activities they’re going to or interested in on their social media, and they can share event reviews through this feature.

Additionally, social media integration is always a good idea for apps because it’s free advertising. When users take some kind of in-app action, such as checking in to a place, their friends and family will see that it was done through your app.

This is a great way to spread the word about your app and get others to join.

1.4 Push Notifications

This is another feature that virtually all apps should be implementing.

It’s a great way to retain customers and keep them engaged through carefully crafted push notification messages.

Photo Credit: clevertap.com

You could potentially alert your users about upcoming events, concerts, ticket prices and discounts, and more, which will keep them happy and engaged with your app.

Push notifications can also be helpful when you need to communicate event changes, such as  timing, or even price drops.

Push notifications are a key way in which you can build audience relationships and keep users coming back for more, so don’t neglect them! Take time to work on your push notification messages to ensure the timing and content is optimal.

1.5 Real-Time Event Discovery and Dynamic Recommendations

A standout feature for any night out app is the ability to offer real-time event discovery with dynamic, personalized recommendations.

Moving beyond a static event calendar, this feature uses advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to learn from users’ preferences, behaviors, and even their current locations.

Imagine an app that not only suggests events happening around you but also tailors these suggestions based on the types of events you’ve enjoyed in the past or the places you frequently visit.

This adaptive recommendation system can truly enhance user experience, making the app not just a tool for discovering events, but a personal event concierge.

On top of that, real-time updates about event changes, like venue shifts or ticket availability, keep the user informed and engaged.

This feature turns your app into an essential companion for night out planning, offering fresh and exciting experiences every time.

1.6 Interactive Event Planning Tools

To really revolutionize the way groups plan their nights out, interactive event planning tools are a must-have feature in a night out app.

These tools go beyond basic invitation sending and receiving; they facilitate collaborative planning and decision-making among friends.

Key components of this feature could include a group chat functionality within the app, allowing users to discuss and decide on events seamlessly.

A shared itinerary feature can be included, where group members can add events, vote on preferences, and finalize plans together.

This not only simplifies the coordination process but also makes it more engaging and fun.

Additionally, integrating these planning tools with the app’s event discovery and recommendation system can lead to a more cohesive and intuitive user experience.

Users can collectively explore events, share their thoughts, and make decisions all within the app’s ecosystem, turning event planning from a chore into an enjoyable part of the night out experience.

Chapter #2: Top Night Out Apps

Now that you’re familiar with some popular features for night out apps, let’s take a look at which event and nightlife apps are trending and what they offer.

Remember, it’s crucial to keep tabs on the competition so you can not only gain inspiration for what to include in your own app, but also see what those apps are lacking.

Analyzing the competition as well as reading reviews will help bring the most value to your own app and improve upon existing user pain points.

2.1 Bandsintown

Unlike other event apps, Bandsintown focuses on concerts. It’s the highest rated and #1 concert discovery app for Android.

Bandsintown helps users find live shows anywhere all in one place. You can use the app to find your favorite artists, attend virtual streaming concerts or find tickets to upcoming shows and tours.

It can also be synced to music apps to discover new music and get recommendations based on music you love.

Here are some more features of Bandsintown:

  • Watch live streams from around the world
  • Browse through thousands of virtual concerts
  • Receive notifications about bands you love when they go on tour or play a virtual show
  • Sync your music libraries through music apps like Spotify or Apple Music to keep track of your favorite artists
  • Browse upcoming concerts for any artist in any city
  • Purchase tickets directly through the app
  • Get access to exclusive news, interviews, messages from artists, and more

2.2 Eventbrite

Eventbrite is another incredibly popular app and website where users can find local events of all kinds, from concerts and music festivals to bar crawls, craft shows, kids events, and more.

The app displays the location, dates, times, maps, and similar events, along with prices.

Users can search for specific events or browse through their listings of events. The app also allows users to share events with others or favorite events.

Here are some more features of Eventbrite:

  • Stay informed on events happening today, this week, the weekend, or anytime
  • Receive personalized event recommendations for your interests
  • Share events with others
  • Add events to your calendar
  • Purchase tickets 
  • View event details
  • Check-in to events

2.3 Meetup

This app has been around since 2002 and has become one of the most popular event finder and night out apps on the market.

While they boast a wide variety of events, Meetup focuses on local in-person events, and hosts over 225,000 meetup groups around the globe.

It’s an especially popular app for connecting to small local organizations, like clubs and local hangouts.

Here are some more features of Meetup:

  • You can get matched to over 330,000 groups based on your interests
  • Explore events by keyword, category, or what’s happening in your area
  • Save events for later
  • Have discussions and message other users
  • Start your a group and host your own events
  • Personalize and schedule events

2.4 Discotech

Unlike the other event apps on this list, Discotech focuses more on nightlife events and VIP services.

Users can discover events happening at clubs in town, search for clubs by city, view venue information, photos, bottle service pricing and more in Los Angeles, Miami, Los Vegas, New York, Atlanta, and other major cities.

Here are some more features of Discotech:

  • Discover nightlife events, buy tickets, book tables and reservations with ease
  • Find nightclubs and see venue photos, menus, table prices, and more
  • See what other clubs and events friends are going to
  • See what artists are playing where

Chapter #3: Pick a Niche

As you can guess, event and night out apps come in all shapes and sizes. 

Some focus on small community events, some on big music festivals and concerts, and others focus on only nightlife events and VIP club services.

There’s a lot that can be done with night out apps, but the key is to find your niche within the night out app category.

After all, you can’t create an app that pleases everyone. So find your niche and where you want to focus your app.

Discotech, for example, is a night out app that focuses on VIP bottle service, guest lists, and tickets.

Just like with the development of any other kind of app, think carefully about who your users are and what value you can bring to them with your own night out app.

Final Thoughts

When setting out to create your own night out app, ask yourself, what’s something new my app will offer and what is something that can be improved upon?

Asking these questions and more will help you think more deeply about what kind of night out app you’ll offer and to what audience.

Ready to get started on your mobile app journey?

Our Simple Starter package can help you find the best strategy for launching your night out app and includes wireframes so you can visualize how your app will look and feel, research on the market and your target audience, and a full technical write up which will help you when you’re ready to move forward with developing your app.

What features are most important in night out apps you use?



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