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$4000 (save $550)
$4000 (save $550)

What’s inside the Simple Starter

Our pledge to peace of mind

Technical Writeup

Up until now, your idea has been just that, an idea floating around in your head. Now it’s time to make your dream a reality, and we start by transforming your concept into words. Technical documentation is a crucial component that serves as the blueprint for all stages of the app’s development.

The technical writeup communicates the app’s function and reason for being. It describes your idea in detail, outlining its purpose, technical requirements, business logic, budget, timelines, technologies to be used, compliance issues, compatibility requirements, benchmarks and tests, challenges to be overcome, and other concerns.

The writeup ensures that you and our app developers are all on the same page should you later pursue getting the app developed. Technical documentation helps developers to get up to speed quickly with minimal errors and misinterpretations because everything they need has already been documented in detail. It also makes future changes easier to implement. In addition, your IP attorney can use this documentation as part of the patent search process.


How does it work?

  • Submit your app idea online (100% secure, 100% protected)
  • Our team will collaborate, ensuring the requirements are easy to understand
  • We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us and protect your ideas as if they were our own. All of your information is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared beyond our team. It’s important to you, and it’s important to us.

What do I get?

  • A technical documentation package that sets the stage for future app development
  • A blueprint for developers, UX/UI designers, and patent attorneys to follow
  • A cost-effective solution to converts your app idea into a plan

Wireframe Sketching

Your dream has the potential to transform millions of lives, but what will it look like in practice? While technical documentation serves as the foundation for your app, wireframe sketches illustrate exactly how the app will look and function. Working from the technical writeup, our designer creates wireframe sketches that take both the app’s functionality and the user experience into consideration. You’ll receive wireframe sketches of the app’s various elements such as screens, menus, prompts, alerts, and on-boarding items.

Wireframes allow you to visualize your idea before investing in development. In addition to seeing your dream materialize, you may discover a better flow than initially envisioned or get a new idea to take your app to even higher heights — all before investing in app development. This is a creative process where your concept gets fleshed out and becomes more tangible on paper, which is much cheaper than doing it in development.

Your patent attorney can use these sketches as part of the patent search process, helping to better compare your app with others on the market. Again, when the time comes to develop the app, the wireframe sketches will help the app developer and user experience/user interface designer.


How does it work?

  • We bring the technical writeup to life with wireframe sketches illustrating the app
  • Our sketches help you visualize all aspects of the interface and the user experience
  • The final wireframe sketches serve as a blueprint for future prototyping and wire framing

What do I get?

  • Preliminary wireframe sketches based on the technical writeup
  • Final wireframe sketches incorporating any changes you may have
  • Professional wireframe sketches to share with investors, patent attorneys, and developers

User Analysis

Knowing your app users is crucial to developing the app itself as well as the marketing campaigns and materials you’ll need down the road to attract these targeted users. Our target user analysis discovers the most likely users for your app along with what makes them tick, what challenges they face, and how they can benefit from your life-changing solution.

We conduct in-depth research about your users’ demographics, income, habits, professions, income, careers, and devices. We even look at their preferred social networks and connections, enabling us to potentially target their friends and family members as well.


How does it work?

  • We’ll conduct market research to discover what motivates your app’s ideal users
  • This will inform the app’s look and function, its marketing future, and its ultimate success
  • Understanding what makes users ticks allows you to fulfill their desires and overcome objections

What do I get?

  • Market research and user personas uncovering the psychology of your target market
  • A deeper understanding of how your app can enhance your users’ lives
  • Design guidance based on the motivations of your users to ensure optimal conversions

60 Day Warranty*

60 Day Warranty*

Our Simple Starter plan comes with a 60-day warranty*. Read more about our terms and conditions here.

Your idea is 100% safe

Your idea is 100% safe

We pride ourselves on our integrity and will protect your idea as if it were our own. And, yes, we’ll sign an NDA.

Award-winning Customer Support

Award-winning Customer Support

Our customer support team is the best of the best. We work to ensure every interaction you have with us is pleasant and productive.

Guaranteed Creativity

Guaranteed Creativity

Who guarantees creativity? We do! If you don’t love a concept, we go back to the drawing board until you do.

Made with love in USA

Made with love in USA

We’re based in the United States where each app becomes a labor of love.

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“We challenged Webiotic with a complex app development project that would take our customers on a sensory experience, an exquisite “taste journey” filled with coffee flavors and aromas that would entice people to buy. Webiotic exceeded our expectations, delivering a gorgeous app that accomplished all of the above while elegantly conveying the Nespresso brand."

  • Alberto Corral  | 
  • Director of Marketing
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“Empowering patients to better manage their healthcare has become crucial. Our website is now powered by Webiotic, with apps that help our patients do just that.”

  • Gilbert John |
  • Senior Associate
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"Webiotic’s work is visually striking, clean, and well designed, every time. I really appreciate their holistic approach to app development. They spend a great deal of time doing things beyond writing code, important things like discovering our needs, and more importantly, discovering our users’ needs, conducting legal research, market analysis, optimizing for conversion, and more. You won’t be disappointed."

  • Joanna Kolbe  | 
  • Marketing Manager
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“The Webiotic team did a fantastic job developing our our cruise booking app. They understand so much more than technology, digging deep into what makes our business unique, who are customers are, and delivering a user-friendly experience that taps into our customers’ dreams. Webiotic takes a big picture view and nails the details.”

  • Jodi Carter  | 
  • Senior Associate
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"Webiotic delivered the technical expertise we needed to bring an idea to life, allowing us to engage with our customers in a fun, fresh, and on-brand way."

  • Kristin Sword | 
  • Marketing Manager
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The Simple Starter

The safe way to start


$4000  (save $550)


We Want You to Ask Questions

Seriously. Our team of developers and app marketing experts have answers.

The process on your part takes just a few minutes. Simply complete the quiz and we’ll take it from there. Our part is more complicated, requiring sufficient time to translate your idea into a written format, conduct the user analysis, and create the wireframe sketches. Plan on about four weeks total, give or take, for our writer and designer to create the technical writeup, user analysis, and wireframe sketches.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and understand how important it is to keep your idea confidential. Our website is secure, so your information is encrypted as soon as you enter it into our online form.

We created the Simple Starter package to help you explore your app’s possibilities without a huge investment, saving you grief and giving you peace of mind! This affordable package brings your idea to life, transforming your concept into technical documentation that will serve as a roadmap for future app development. It will save you time and resources should you decide to initiate a patent search or get the app developed.

Our Simple Starter package includes a technical document detailing the app’s purpose, requirements, logic (and more), wireframe sketches, and a target user analysis. These components work together to form the foundation for a successful app development project and allow you explore your app idea’s viability without first investing in app development.

We want you to be happy with our work and offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will redesign it.

It really is a simple start. Click the button below to begin.

Yes! Our rigorous recruiting and hiring process ensures that only the best developers with the most current skills and creative ideas work for us. We’re proud of our team of extremely talented developers.

This varies from one project to the next. We’re happy to learn more about your project to give you a quote. In the meantime, you might be interested in our Simple Starter package which includes the three crucial services you need to get started.

No. We are not fond of the equity model. We prefer a more straightforward pricing approach, as do most of our clients.

Our expertise is in app development, marketing, and conversion optimization, which is why we do not get involved in the fundraising aspect.

No. We are not fond of the equity model. We prefer a more straightforward pricing approach, as do most of our clients.

The duration of each project varies widely depending on the requirements and complexity. We’ve developed apps in as little as three months and longer than a year, but their requirements and complexities were wildly different. Projects that are an extension of our Simple Starter package are positioned for a faster completion due to the legwork that’s already been completed.

We offer a variety of post-app development marketing and support services. Depending on your needs, we will be happy to create a proposal covering app development, support, and marketing as a package deal or we can do it alà carte if you prefer.

Webiotic offers post-app development marketing services to help your app get noticed, downloaded, and used by your target audience. Our roots in digital marketing run deep, and no one is better acquainted with your target market than we will be after planning, strategizing, developing, and optimizing your app to appeal to your users.

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