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Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile App Development

Our team of iOS developers, focuses exclusively on Apple products. Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iWatch products continue to gobble up market share, making it smart to include iOS apps in your app development plans. Not only is Apple iTunes a premier destination for any Apple smartphone, tablet or watch user, Apple users tend to have a higher level of mCommerce engagement than Android users. They do more online shopping and spend more on in-app purchases. 41 percent of Apple iOS users earn $100,000 or more each year. Not only that, 92 percent of Apple users are extremely loyal to the Apple brand.

Webiotic’s iOS app developers understand the demographics of Apple users, and we thoroughly research your targeted users. We build innovative, elegant iOS apps for iPhone/iPad and iWatch that deliver the type of experience your users deserve.


Our iOS apps comply with all App Store safety, business, performance, design, legal, and human interface requirements. Apple’s quality assurance standards are high, but, rest assured, our internal standards are even higher. Not only will we help you submit your app to the App Store, we’ll work to ensure it gets the exposure it deserves as a featured app.

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Android Mobile App Development

Webiotic also has a mobile app development team that’s immersed in all things Android. Though our Android and iOS developers speak a different coding language, they share our passion for craftsmanship and the user experience.

Android is a major operating system in the mobile environment used by a majority of smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet manufacturers including Google, Samsung, Sony, and LG. Google Play is by far the largest app store with more than 2.8 million apps. With that type of market share, you can bet that most of your target users are using Android devices.


With our help, your idea could become an Android app. Our Android developers are intimately familiar with the Google ecosystem. We work to ensure that your app conforms to the highest of standards for performance, usability, security, and privacy.

Most importantly, our Android developers work to make your app idea a reality — one that functions beautifully and delivers a meaningful experience to your users.

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Web Apps & Cross Platform

The cross platform app market is hot, and it’s expected to be worth $7.5 billion this year. Webiotic is a skilled web and cross platform app developer, enabling us to guide you in selecting the most appropriate options to pursue this hot market.

Cross platform apps work across different platforms. You can use them on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, or even an Xbox. Other advantages of going with a cross platform solution include easier update management, cost effectiveness, shorter development time, and exposure to a larger user base.


Web apps are accessed via the web, for example, Facebook and Angie’s List are both web apps. Mobile versions are often simplified versions of the web app, crafted to adopt to the mobile screen and mobile experience.

Webiotic offers a variety of cross platform and web app development services including HTML5, JavaScript, Windows universal, and hybrid mobile app development. Whichever development approach we take, we’re going to build you a high quality, high performance app.

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E-commerce Development

Selling online requires a comprehensive e-commerce strategy covering everything from platform selection and implementation to traffic, conversion, and customer relationship management. Whether you have an existing Shopify store or are thinking about signing up with a competing platform such as Magento or Big Commerce, our e-commerce development services can set your online store up for success.

Webiotic is proud to have helped launch major e-commerce stores including Macys and Nespresso, and we can do the same for you. Our e-commerce developers create sophisticated online stores that reflect your brand beautifully while showcasing your products in the best light possible – complete with customer funnels, shopping carts, sales and marketing tools, inventory management, and more.


Usability and the user experience play a pivotal role in how we approach the development of your e-commerce store. We are obsessed with making it easy for your customers to find exactly what they want.

Webiotic digs deep to understand your ideal customers and the journey they’ll take as they become aware of your brand, and, through an intentional marketing strategy focused on conversion optimization, ultimately become a loyal customer.

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Quality Assurance

Every project Webiotic undertakes is managed by a project manager who oversees everything from start to finish. Our 360-degree quality assurance plan ensures quality every step of the way with detailed processes, objectives, roles and responsibilities, tasks, and time frames.

Our rigorous QA testing process ensures that everything gets tested, in every possible environment, from memory, CPU, and compatibility testing to network and privacy tests. We test web apps and sites in all the different web browsers – even different versions of the same web browser.


Real world testing is an important part of the process where we test the app in real world environments. For example, if it’s a navigation app, we’ll get behind the wheel and test the app. If it’s a cooking app, we’ll bring it into our homes and cook a meal with it. All to discover what might be missing or can be improved.

Our quality assurance plans also align with best practices based on the type of project we’re developing. While industry standards provide us with an excellent starting point, nothing is more important to us than your input. That’s why we collaborate with you from the beginning to ensure that your vision and standards are fully understood.

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