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1st rule of app branding – the user is the boss

Our branding approach is user-centric. In fact, we like to say that the user is the boss, and this is true in branding. For example, you might not be a fan of pastel colors or frilly fonts, but if your users are attracted to them, the user’s opinion is the one that matters.

In order to determine what appeals to users, we go directly to the source: your users. User testing isn’t just about finding out if an app or website is easy to navigate and use; it’s also about discovering their tastes and brand preferences. Does your logo fit with their lifestyle? Do the photos, illustrations, and graphic design make your users feel comfortable and right at home?

Acknowledging that the user is the boss sets Webiotic apart. While we want our clients to be happy, we recognize that in order to satisfy our clients, we must first satisfy their end-users.

Brand Messaging

Our branding team collaborates with you to develop intentional, cohesive brand messaging strategies based on market research, user personas, and your vision and mission.

Webiotic’s branding experts ensure that your branding reflects who you are, positioning your offer as the clear and obvious choice. Branding reflects your company’s personality, culture and philosophy while logos, tag lines, trademarks, and other elements help to reinforce it so that who you are and what you do is readily apparent.

Our process involves understanding your users, identifying what makes your brand unique, and crafting meaningful messages. We work to ensure that your brand messaging reflects your company’s culture and resonates with your target audience.

Brand Design

Your logo and other branding elements have a big job to do, yet they must tell your story in a simple manner. You have two branding choices: leave it to chance or create an intentional plan. We prefer intention.

We help with all aspects of brand creation including: logo design, app store icons, brand stories, mission statements, value statements, tag lines, digital branding elements (branded website buttons, headers, footers, icons, profile pictures, etc.), and offline branding elements (digital files suitable for your commercial printing service).

The goal is to maximize your brand’s value, customer base, and appeal without diluting the brand or alienating your customers. Above all, we determine the desired end results and design a branding and marketing strategy to attain them.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is who you are; it’s your voice; it’s your culture; it’s what makes your goods and services the perfect choice for your customers. After carefully crafting the perfect image, the next step is to build brand awareness amongst your target market.

While increasing visibility is important, brand awareness is also about building relationships and loyalty. Our brand awareness services cover everything from brand identity, iPhone app design, graphic design, communications strategies, and social media to reputation monitoring and management.

Whether you want to enhance your brand, generate buzz, or create an emotional connection with your audience, Webiotic crafts brand awareness campaigns that deliver the desired results.

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