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Our Approach
Focus on the User Experience

Road Captain, by design, is all about the motorcycle user experience. Few apps are more intimate than a motorcycle trip planning app. Webiotic put the user experience front and center on every menu, screen, and feature.

Step 1 in the branding process for Ribbon
suggested routes
Step 2 in the branding process for Ribbon
Travel planning
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Save Route & Share

Road Captain is used to plan motorcycle trips with friends, making sharing routes with fellow riders one of the most important features.

App Design

Bringing it together

Keeping the user experience firmly in mind, we included personalized restaurant and bar recommendations, route suggestions, and weather conditions. This is all powered on the backend via connections to databases, algorithms, and location-based signals.

Helping Road Captains
Plan Rides of a Lifetime

Recognizing that a road captain is the motorcycle rider tasked with organizing group motorcycle rides, Webiotic included all of the tools essential in doing so including maps and real-time navigation, weather, sharing extensions, news, and recommendations. We imagined ourselves, planning our own trips and built the app we would want in our hands when planning a trip of a lifetime.

Ride of Lifetime