10 Most Profitable App Ideas for 2020

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Nespresso Case Study

Nespresso promises to bring exceptional coffee to its customers, taking them on an extraordinary “taste journey.” The company turned to Webiotic to communicate that journey via a one-page website. We were tasked with bringing the rich flavors and aromas of extraordinary coffee to life while conveying both fair trade and luxury.

Romero Britto Case Study

Romero Britto, a prominent pop artist based in Miami, turned to Webiotic to create an eCommerce solution to complement his physical BRITTO Concept Stores. His stores, which feature limited edition sculptures, prints, and collectibles, are located in Miami and on board Royal Caribbean ships. Webiotic created an online store accessible to Britto’s fans around the globe, 24/7.

Thinkrite Case Study

ThinkRite Assistant — A Personal Assistant App for Conference Calls ThinkRite Assistant is a mobile app that helps business users join conference calls and webinars automatically.

Celebrity X Cruises Case Study

Celebrity Cruises is about so much more than booking a cruise. It’s about booking an experience, with that experience starting the moment a visitor lands on the website. Webiotic developed an interactive website that allows visitors to explore their dream vacations whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Road Captain Case Study

Share trip route location and route notes with other riders, including Pothole alert notification in real time. View current weather conditions and related weather forecast summary. .