Nespresso Case Study

Nespresso promises to bring exceptional coffee to its customers, taking them on an extraordinary “taste journey.” The company turned to Webiotic to communicate that journey via a one-page website. We were tasked with bringing the rich flavors and aromas of extraordinary coffee to life while conveying both fair trade and luxury.

Romero Britto Case Study

Romero Britto, a prominent pop artist based in Miami, turned to Webiotic to create an eCommerce solution to complement his physical BRITTO Concept Stores. His stores, which feature limited edition sculptures, prints, and collectibles, are located in Miami and on board Royal Caribbean ships. Webiotic created an online store accessible to Britto’s fans around the globe, 24/7.

Thinkrite Case Study

ThinkRite Assistant — A Personal Assistant App for Conference Calls ThinkRite Assistant is a mobile app that helps business users join conference calls and webinars automatically.

Celebrity X Cruises Case Study

Celebrity Cruises is about so much more than booking a cruise. It’s about booking an experience, with that experience starting the moment a visitor lands on the website. Webiotic developed an interactive website that allows visitors to explore their dream vacations whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Road Captain Case Study

Share trip route location and route notes with other riders, including Pothole alert notification in real time. View current weather conditions and related weather forecast summary.

Road Captain Case Study

Established in 1979, Related Group is Florida’s leading developer of sophisticated metropolitan living and one of the country’s largest real estate conglomerates.

Mercy Health Case Study

Our doctors and other caregivers offer high-quality, compassionate care across hundreds of specialties with one united purpose: to help our patients be well in mind, body and spirit.

Sudsies Case Study

Sudsies’ name is fun and descriptive. We designed the graphics of Sudsies’ website and mobile app to play off the company’s name with bubbles sprinkled throughout. At the same time, we worked to ensure that the design stayed clean and modern without becoming crowded.

American Trademarks Case Study

American Trademarks helps American business owners enforce their American rights to protect their brands. Offering a variety of intellectual property and trademark services, this specialized law firm makes trademark protection accessible to business owners.

Getta Gifts Case Study

Those days are over thanks to GettaGift, a mobile app that makes gift-giving and getting easy.

Bus App Case Study

Parents of school children in Alaska face several challenges unique to their environment. For starters, waiting for the school bus to arrive in the bitter cold is far from pleasant! The School Bus app tells parents when the bus is coming — and when it has arrived at school — so they can plan accordingly. It also offers the ultimate in peace of mind.

Work Frog Case Study

Work Frog connects workers looking for extra shifts with businesses needing immediate assistance. These connections are made possible via the Work Frog mobile app.

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