American Trademarks helps American business owners enforce their American rights to protect their brands. Offering a variety of intellectual property and trademark services, this specialized law firm makes trademark protection accessible to business owners.


User Experience

Seeking a trademark has historically been a tedious process, requiring extensive consultations with trademark attorneys. American Trademarks streamlines the process so that users can move forward without stress.

The website empowers users while also reassuring them that the behind-the-scenes legal work is being properly handled by US Bar trademark attorneys.

Shared Values

American Trademarks recognizes that many of its clients, or their family members, have proudly served their country. In honor of their sacrifices, American Trademarks gives back a portion of its revenues to charitable organizations serving veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and other first responders.

American Trademarks already works great with thousands of apps.

Why? We love America. We honor the American Constitution. We believe in American businesses. We want to foster growth in American trade and commerce. Serve American businesses by protecting their brands.

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