Nespresso Case Study

Nespresso promises to bring exceptional coffee to its customers, taking them on an extraordinary “taste journey.” The company turned to Webiotic to communicate that journey via a mobile app. We were tasked with bringing the rich flavors and aromas of extraordinary coffee to life while conveying both fair trade and luxury.

Our Approach Take Users on a Taste Journey

We used graphics, photography, and language to create visual messaging consistent with the brand story. As the user moves through the website, we communicated that story. We took them to a community mill in Colombia where they could learn about coffee farming and sustainable practices. We brought the flavors of Monsoon Malabar Special Edition to life by conjuring up images of the 18th century India-to-Europe coffee trade.

User Experience

In addition to transporting users into the world of coffee, we wanted to ensure a consistent and intuitive user experience.

A Genuine Flavour Visual Communication

Translating a rich story into a mobile application that inspires users to try Nespresso’s coffee was achieved through the use of a clean and modern visual language that reflected the brand’s sophistication.

A Different Route

Mirroring the Brand

The final app is a mirror of the brand, full of delightful details that enrich the overall experience. We successfully translated the richness of this coffee’s story in a compelling, visual way, giving coffee aficionados a small taste of the Nespresso product.

Lose yourself in a total new experience

Vivid Details

Gorgeous graphics, a consistent and robust color scheme, and vivid details further told the story..

App Design & Features

The app looks amazing on Android and iOS mobile devices. With a responsive, multi-platform design and thoughtful features relevant to the browsing environment, users experience the Nespresso brand seamlessly regardless of device type.


Engaging Content

We included a section featuring the latest company latest news, keeping content fresh so users are compelled to come back for more.