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Get Noticed by the App Stores

Getting your app noticed in the app stores is crucial in getting it in the hands of users. Here at Webiotic, we don’t just develop amazing apps, we develop an app store strategy to make sure they get noticed. We push apps to the top with a review campaign, App Store Optimization, and advanced, cost-effective PPC campaigns within the app store itself.

Like other products, making a positive first impression is crucial. Branding, iconography, and a catchy name are crucial in capturing a potential user’s attention. A concise description complemented by a short explainer video, app walk-through, and engaging screenshots can help prompt users to download the app.

Social proof in the form of app store reviews, positive press, YouTube videos can also drive downloads, making it important to choose an app developer like Webiotic that has as much expertise in online marketing as we have in app development.

Downloads & Monetization

Webiotic shares your interest in maximizing your return on investment, which is why we offer services focused on increasing downloads and monetization. In fact, we often guarantee the number of downloads before we start a campaign. In order to hit our targets, we adjust the campaign on a daily basis.

Not only do we want to increase the user count, we want existing users to stay active. This means gathering feedback, improving the app, and using push notifications to keep users active.

Strategies vary based on the type of app, its user base, and your goals. In addition, monetization strategies can take several forms beyond the obvious advertising or in-app purchase models. For example, user generated content, user surveys, and user interactions (such as traffic status updates like in Waze) allow users to become part of the app. Each of these formats can be monetized.

Whether you’re interested in increasing downloads or monetize an app, Webiotic works with you to develop an appropriate plan that allows you to reach your goals without sacrificing the ever-important user experience.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps search engines understand your digital property so they can send users to it. The goal of SEO is to teach search engines which meaningful keyword phrases are a good match and position your website, app, landing page, video, or other digital asset as one of the top matches whenever those phrases are entered. The better a destination is optimized with relevant, high value phrases, the more likely it will be found by users who could benefit from your products or services.

SEO is both an art and a science, and it’s constantly changing. Our SEO experts are well versed in the latest “white hat” techniques that can blast your site to the top of the rankings.

Webiotic conducts keyword research to uncover the best keyword phrases for your business. Our results-oriented approach involves the strategic placement of these phrases so that search engines will recognize your destination as a top search result. We also use off-page SEO and link building campaigns for further optimization.

Search engine optimization is but one piece of a much larger online marketing puzzle. Getting traffic is good, getting targeted traffic is better, and converting that traffic is best of all. That’s why we blend SEO with highly targeted marketing and conversion optimization. We attract your ideal potential customers and include elements designed to get them to convert.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to raise brand awareness. Thoughtful tweets, relevant Facebook updates and authentic conversations with users can lead to: heightened brand awareness and increased traffic, exposure, and conversions. To ensure optimal engagement of organic social media posts, we develop a content calendar in advance. This way, we can hit all of the emotional touchpoints of your audience as well as highlight important moments throughout the month.

As users like, comment on or share your posts, your brand messaging can spread like wildfire. However, this rarely happens without an intentional strategy. Webiotic develops marketing campaigns with various purposes in mind, one of which is brand awareness targeted to those who have just started the customer journey.

Depending on the purpose, we may use one or more types of campaigns such as direct product sales, retargeting social GIFs, or dynamic social videos. For example, newsfeed ads convert very well because they feel as if a friend shared them. Each campaign is tested and optimized. Successful campaigns lead to even greater results since we can create “lookalike” campaigns. We can reach a wider audience with Facebook users who share similar traits to users who previously engaged with our campaigns.

The first step in presenting your brand on sites like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is to choose the most appropriate social networks for your audience and your brand. You may love Facebook, but if your ideal customers prefer LinkedIn, you need to fall in love with LinkedIn.

Let us help you build an engaging, social media presence, improve your credibility, make genuine connections with your customers and prospects, and grow your business.


AdWords & Retargeting

Some online marketing strategies require a great deal of time before you see results. If you’re short on time, paid marketing is the way to go — and paid online marketing has evolved far beyond pay per click to include innovative techniques such as retargeting and remarketing and liquid targeting.

Anyone can run an AdWords campaign, but only serious companies can do so strategically and cost-effectively. We examine everything – the time of day, device, language, IP address, negative keywords, positive keywords, location, and more – to understand how it affects the cost per acquisition.

Have you ever noticed ads appearing all over the Web after viewing a company’s website? You’ve been retargeted. Retargeting and remarketing involves tracking visitors using cookies and then displaying targeted ads on other websites.

AdRoll is a retargeting and remarketing network that’s taken retargeting to a new level with its Liquid targeting service, Liquid Ads. With liquid targeting, the ads display the same exact items the visitor has looked at. AdRoll claims an ROI of $10 for every dollar spent on its retargeting services.

Retargeting and marketing isn’t as simple as paying for ads. Webiotic’s retargeting, remarketing, and Liquid targeting services put your message in front of your target audience multiple times, building brand awareness and giving them a compelling reason to take the next step.


Automation Marketing

Many of the benefits of email marketing arise from automation (set it up and let it work). This is a highly personalized system where users receive specific messages based on their actions and where they are in the customer journey. Closely linked to email marketing, automation marketing ensures that prospects and users receive the information they need at the most important point in time.

Messages can be sent based on the actions an individual did or did not take. Did they make a purchase? Abandon a shopping cart? Express an interest in something? For example, a purchasing manager who watched a short animated explainer video about your company’s latest product or service would be an excellent candidate to receive a series of automated messages around that product or service. Visitors who have read a blog post about how to whiten their teeth might be receptive to a special offer for in-office teeth whitening.

Each user receives a different flow of messages based on his or her actions. These messages are written in advance and sent automatically when triggered by an action.

Automation marketing plays an important role in nurturing, educating, engaging, and converting prospects. In order to guide them through their journey, we refer back to our research. Where are they in the journey? What pain points are they experiencing right now? How can we address those pain points and move them forward? Because these are repeatable processes, automation marketing tools enable us to automatically nurture and engage subscribers with timely, relevant content.


Results Tracking & Heat Maps

Webiotic utilizes cutting-edge tracking and analytics technologies to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. We monitor all of the marketing materials we produce, including ads, blog posts, social media posts, email messages, and more, to determine which items are driving traffic and conversions.

Heat maps are a visual tool that illustrate how visitors interact with digital properties such as webpages, apps, online videos, or email messages. Heat maps show us the warmest and coldest areas of a page. For example, darker colors are used to show the “hot spots” where usage is greatest while lighter colors indicate less activity. They also show us which items receive the most clicks, how users scroll down the page, and at what point they abandon it.

Based on what we observe, we make adjustments and perform A/B testing to continuously improve our results and optimize for conversion. This allows us to maximize performance and invest only where we see a good ROI. Results tracking also provides insight as to which messages resonate with your audience, allowing us to build on our successes. With a focus on effectiveness, we can fine-tune for even better performance – both with current and future campaigns.

Understanding how users engage with your content is crucial for optimization and a user-friendly experience. We track every single click, tap, gesture, and mouseover of each visitor to determine which areas are most engaging, which buttons receive the most clicks, which portions of a video were watched or unwatched, and more. From there, we can further optimize for conversion. These tools allow us to quickly visualize engagement, not just for one user but for an entire group.


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