Work Frog’s web app matches those looking for work with the businesses who need their help.

Our Approach –

Fresh and Inspired

01 Manage

The on-demand economy has changed how businesses hire and how people work. Everything – from paperwork to messaging and available shifts – is managed in Work Frog.

02 Track

Work Frog keeps track of all open and completed shifts, allowing workers to quickly track their opportunities and plan ahead.


Employers use Work Frog to supplement their workforces by opening up shifts due to seasonal fluctuations, employee absences, employee vacations, and other events.

04 Pay

Payments are easy and predictable with workers getting paid the week after they’ve worked.

Connecting Great People with Great Work

Today’s employees desire a greater sense of purpose from their work. We capitalized on that desire with a tagline that says it all. The app’s branding is fresh, inspired, and positive.

User Experience

 The Work Frog platform speaks to two types of users: job seekers/employees and employers. Users are prompted immediately to choose how they’ll signup and login. Segmenting users in this way allows the app to present the most appropriate tools and features. A helpful on-boarding video helps users get a better understanding of the app and how the Work Frog service works.

Total Earnings
This Week


Industry Focus

Several industries have fluctuating human resources requirements. For example, hotels may need to hire extra banquet staff for receptions, parties, and conferences. Large entertainment venues often need to hire extra security personnel for concerts, boxing matches, and other events. 

As such, Work Frog works with various industries to help them meet their last-minute staffing needs.

Industries Serviced

Work Frog is an extra-work, extra-help solution that connects individuals seeking to work an extra shift with businesses that need on-demand help.

Employers post their hourly shifts onto Work Frog in seconds, and job seekers apply to the shifts of their choice with just one click! Work Frog is accessible via a free app that allows you to apply, or hire, on the go!

Hire a Per-diem Worker of Your Choice

  • Post your shift and review qualified applicants for free!
  • No upfront costs! We charge a low fee once the shift is complete.
  • Avoid overtime, on-boarding, recruiting, and payroll costs.
  • No more interviews, payroll, paperwork, or risks — we have it covered!
  • View photos, resumes, and ratings before hiring. Choose who you want.
  • All workers are prescreened, drug tested, and background checked.

Why Choose Us

Work Frog serves as extra cash on top of your current income to pay bills or spend as you please. Work Frog allows you to work on days when you are available. Work Frog gives you the flexibility to work for different employers and gain experience in different industries. This opens doors for networking with people from other companies and enhances your professional profile for better job opportunities in the future.





Apply to shifts that fit your schedule with just one click!



Get Hired


If you are selected for a shift, you’ll receive an email notification.





Show up to the job site and begin your shift.



Get Paid


Payment will be deposited the following week.

How it Works

We streamlined the application process to minimize data entry and hassles. Workers apply online by filling out a simple form. Once approved, they’ll receive notifications whenever a shift that matches their profile opens up. The first worker to claim the shift, gets it. Work Frog really is that easy.

After applications have been approved, workers are eligible to claim shifts. Like many of the popular ride-sharing and delivery apps, user ratings play an important role in the Work Frog ecosystem.

Webiotic is proud to have helped Work Frog with its mission of connecting great people to great work. Contact us today to see how we can put our expertise to work for you!

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