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Dual Camera App. What is it and How Does it Work

The smartphone is, in many ways, the ultimate tech toy, and people are more than happy to shell out big bucks on a new phone every year. The most important features for consumers are battery life, storage, durability, and, of course, camera quality. As smartphone cameras become more and more capable, the need for an actual digital camera has become unnecessary (except for professional photographers and hobbyists, that is). Table of contents What is a dual camera New era of smartphones Types of dual camera smartphones Dual camera apps Creating your own dual camera app Benefits of dual camera apps Final thoughts For regular people like you and me, a smartphone camera is perfectly adequate for what we need—like posting selfies to Instagram. So how more can smartphone cameras possibly improve? While phone manufacturers have reached the point where quality can’t get much better without compromising a phone’s weight and thickness, what they can do is offer new technology and features, like a dual camera and fun dual-camera apps to go with it. What is a Dual Camera and How Does it Work A dual camera offers two photo sensors instead of the standard one photosensor. The main camera takes […]

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