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How to Boost Website Conversion Rate through Images?

Images are integral part of a website. Along with adding life to the website, they also make your site more sellable. Viewers no longer want to browse through text, they want to experience it. This is possible only when you use the correct images in proper way to help connect with your target audience.

I explore the art of conversion optimization and how visuals are key in this video.

If you are unaware of the importance of images when you are trying to get the most out of your present traffic, this blog may help. It presents some proven tips to help you place the images intelligently throughout the website.

Gear up with a Mascot

Ever came across some attractive websites with a little animated character? Site mascots are in craze these days. Companies are using them to promote services, offers and online branding. These mascots play a crucial role in building a bond with their visitors. They help make your brand more familiar to the customers. People find it easy to remember a cartoon character than a name or a logo. Therefore, flaunt your mascot proudly in your website to stand out from the crowd and multiply your conversions.

Human faces act wonder

No matter what your business is, you are dealing with humans at the end and customers do not mind seeing your humanness through the website. So, do not hide your website with big blocks of texts and products. You can add simple things like pictures of you and your team members. In the sales page, you can add human images along with the products and services. Let the world treat your website more than just a source of information.

Emotions are powerful

Buying decisions are greatly backed by emotions.  Make sure you craft your website rich with emotions to attract the psychology of the visitors. If you are selling mattress, do not just highlight on the features, try to add an image of child sleeping peacefully on the mattress. If you are selling a gadget, along with features, its user-friendliness can be highlighted by showing image of a person using the gadget (with a happy expression).

Dash of testimonials with pictures

Testimonials are social proofs to demonstrate that your products or services are valued by customers. If your website showcases photos of happy customers, the conversion rate automatically grows. The natural process of validation via 3rd party opinion is always vital. Adding a dash of testimonials with pictures increases your chances of conversion.

The tips mentioned above will help you proceed in the right direction. Whenever you think it is the time to revamp your website with advance features, images and layout, make sure you test the changes with software like Google Website Optimizer. If you want to share some tips on how to use images in a website, go ahead.

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