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Hints Web Design Features to be Simple and Clutter-free

As the number of websites on the World Wide Web has substantially increased, every organization owning a website is trying making it better so that the visitors can access all required information conveniently. Today, web designers are making websites with easy-to-use features and beautiful design that can draw the attention of internet users easily. In 2016, the features of web design in Miami are going to be simple and clutter-free.

You can learn more about design and the costs involved in this video.

Scroll First and Click Second

There is no doubt that users like to scroll more than clicking to get information about the website. Keeping the fact in mind, most of the modern websites offer scroll first and click the second feature so that the users can access most of the website in a single page without even clicking for other page or link. One can easily impress its visitors by decorating the website in such a way.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons or the transparent buttons have become one of the most preferred options for modern web designers because they help the site to become cohesive to the sole purpose of the website and to create a call-to-action. However, the most notable advantage of the ghost buttons is that they provide a clean and sharp look to the websites and they are consistent with the design.

Single Page Applications

If you look at any average website, you will find that they keep users on a single page when they clink on another link. The process simply eats up precious seconds invested by the browsers. However, Single Page Applications load all the contents of a website into users’ browser and open a new page whenever a user clicks on a link.

For example, search engine giant Google posts promotional advertisements in many websites. How would it be if a user clicks on the additional link and lose the existing content of the web page the user was interested in? Not a good idea of course.

Flat Design

Flat web designs are back in the trend again, as it is user-friendly and offers an aesthetically pleasing look. The most important thing is that flat web design meets all the requirements of an authentic website design.

Full-Screen Videos

Today, many reputed website design companies in Miami include videos as the home screen backgrounds on the websites they have developed for their clients. Many companies include videos in their web content so that they can represent some special features related with their products or services. The inclusion of the videos makes a website catchy that forces visitors to spend more time while searching their required information. However, many organizations keep videos on their websites just to create an atmosphere.


After its introduction in 2008, flexbox has become one of the most invaluable things for the modern web developers’ toolbox. Flexbox offers new and convenient layout possibilities and helps the user to get rid of traditional floating div layouts.

One of the top operating system developers in the world, Microsoft has finally jumped in the bandwagon with IE10 support.

As time and technology are approaching at a greater pace, web designers are working hard to introduce more user-friendly web layouts by using several effective features.

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