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2015’s 5 Trends for Mobile Website Design

If we would have spoken about developing websites or apps for mobile phones during 2000’s, people might have called it strange and considered it a fact of no value. However, we are living in 2015, which is technically far advanced than 2000 and now developing mobile applications or designing mobile websites have become one of the common aspects in the IT industry. Nowadays, anyone can develop mobile apps or websites by hiring a website design company anywhere in the world from Miami to Delhi.

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Creative a responsive and mobile-friendly website is essential these days. Thus, you should know what the latest trends for mobile website design are.

Animated Elements

The number of mobile applications is increasing every day, because users are demanding more and more interactions through mobile apps and in this case, nothing is greater than the use of animation. The best way to beat the competitors in the industry is that you have to do something different and make it attractive and user friendly.

However, animation can play more functional and motivational role in app development. Relevant animations can offer more pleasant and effective experience for the users. Unlike mechanical and dry experience, perfect animation will provide human like behavior to the users. Here are some advantages of animated mobile design.

  • Offers more liveliness than two-dimension design
  • Easy to open and access
  • Execute tasks in playful manner

More Scrolling Facility

There is no doubt that scrolling facility has taken the browsing experience to another level. Parallax scrolling is the most efficient scrolling system that can take animation and other high definition visual graphic easily. As the traditional mobile graphic design is becoming flat and one dimensional, this Parallax scrolling system will definitely add depth in mobile’s design and performance.

Delicate Color Palettes

If you think that bigger and bolder color can make your web design more attractive and popular, then you have to think again because today, giant mobile apps and website developers are applying subtle color schemes in the place of bold and flashy palettes.

From a psychological point of view, delicate color palettes offer a cool view to the users, when bright and bold color can grab the attention easily, but at the same time, it offers distraction.

Blurred Backgrounds

The concept has already been adopted for web design, but it is also being used in mobile applications today. Blur design is being used in mobile applications mainly to concentrate on key elements. For example, you want to highlight a button in the web design and you can easily get the visitors’ attention if the background of that button is blurred. The blurred imagery in the mobile interface will allow the user to learn what is accessible and what is not for the moment.


Nowadays, mobile design has become interactively more charged and it concentrates on both UX and UI. It means elements will make the user as main character of stories such as crafted videos, visually bold imagery as well as based on other collected data stored in mobile device.

All the leading web design companies in Miami are following these latest trends for mobile web designing. If you are making a new website or updating your existing one, make sure it is mobile friendly.

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