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CAPTCHA ImageRefresh Image Conversion Optimization

Webiotic increased Dr. Man’s conversion rate from 15% to 85%


Webiotic implemented tools to gain deeper insights into the website’s performance.

Calls to Action

Webiotic developed calls to action, added incentives, and implemented tools to prompt visitors into taking action.

Content Development

We developed engaging, informative content that better aligned with the target market.


Webiotic analyzed how visitors find, navigate, and interact with the website.

Market Research

Webiotic identified the market and studied potential client’s interests and needs.


Webiotic tested and refined marketing messages for optimal conversion.

After Makeover

Webiotic added analytics and real-time tools, social media campaigns, engaging content, calls to action, and easy contact methods; all designed for optimal conversions.

Daily Visitors

The number of visitors to doubled from 300 to 600 visitors a day.

Conversion Rate

More importantly, 85 percent of those visitors convert by scheduling consultations, ordering products, or subscribing to other marketing channels.

Before Makeover wanted to increase its conversion rate by turning website visitors into actual clients.

Daily Visitors

Before Webiotic became involved, received an average of 300 visitors a day.

Conversion Rate

Unfortunately, those website visitors rarely took action. needed a more compelling message in order to turn visitors into actual clients.
Online Marketing

Webiotic helped attract the right type of visitors

Challenge is discount cruise website that caters to savvy travelers with sophisticated tastes and a desire to save money on cruises. Despite CelebrityCruises’s niche, the Internet travel industry is crowded. With dozens of high profile competitors as well as discount travel aggregators, SmartCruiser came to Webiotic needing help getting noticed. Though the basics were in place and an average of 500 visitors each day found the site, struggled to attract enough visitors to thrive. CelebrityCruises desperately needed to improve its online presence, exposure, and website traffic. Not only did it need more visitors, it needed the right type of visitors.


Webiotic used a variety of online marketing techniques to target savvy travelers interested in cruises. We started with organic search engine optimization, making sure that search engines could quickly understand SmartCruiser’s structure and relevance for its most important search terms. In addition to optimizing the website, we launched PPC campaigns targeting discount travelers and cruisers, created engaging social media profiles and campaigns, leveraged email marketing to entice repeat visits to the website, and more. As a result, has experienced a surge in traffic with nearly 90 percent more visitors each day.

Success Rate Web Development

Frontend and backend web solution for managing employees, sales, and success


BuenoConcept’s philosophy is based on quality-of-life. It consists of assisting clients to develop healthy eating habits along with the practice of regular physical activity. Through monthly plans (eating suggestions, aerobic and cardiovascular workouts), we aim to guide each client to reach his/her goals, this will be accomplished by dedication and commitment. Our goal is to make sure that each person reaches and maintains his/her results over the long term and that the accomplishments positively impact their quality-of-life.


Webiotic started by learning about the company and its sales process, challenges, and opportunities. We built a custom Web interface that streamlined and automated numerous sales processes, included sales and employee management tools, and monitors the company’s success. From there, we designed and developed the website for brand consistency and optimal conversion. As a result, buenoconcept has an intuitive website that works beautifully for users, employees, and managers alike.