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ThinkRite Assistant — A Personal
Assistant App for Conference Calls

ThinkRite Assistant is a mobile app that helps business users join conference calls and webinars automatically.


Our Approach — Simplicity

ThinkRite Assistant simplifies a tedious process business users encounter routinely. The app itself is straightforward, easy to navigate and use, and attractive with its clean orange and white color scheme.

Webiotic developed the ThinkRite website, using the same style and user experience concepts.


The Power of Word of Mouth

ThinkRite Assistant’s users love the app, making them a powerful and authentic resource. We included a prominent testimonials section to help potential customers better see themselves benefiting from this tool.


An Assistant with Benefits

Webiotic communicated the benefits of each feature, reinforcing how the app’s smart collaboration tools could be used to build relationships and close more sales.


Integration for the Enterprise

Though useful for individuals, the ThinkRite Assistant app is also beneficial for the enterprise. Webiotic included a section with key points relevant to upper management


ThinkRite Assistant is not just another conference call platform. This personal assistant app works alongside existing services like WebEx, GoToMeeting or – whatever your company uses for conference calls and webinars, and makes them easier to use and more effective for you.


ThinkRite Assistant facilitates “smart collaboration.” Webiotic defined this concept, tapping into the user’s desire to work more productively and spend less time in meetings.