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Brand Creation

Just starting out? Our branding team collaborates with you to develop intentional, cohesive branding strategies based on market research and your vision and mission.

Our branding experts ensure that your website’s branding reflects who you are, positioning your offer as the clear and obvious choice. Branding reflects your company’s personality, culture and philosophy while logos, tag lines, trademarks, and other elements help to reinforce it so that who you are and what you do is readily apparent.


Your logo and other branding elements have a big job to do, yet they must tell your story in a simple manner. You have two branding choices: leave it to chance or create an intentional plan. Our branding experts prefer intention, and can craft a brand design that aligns with your mission and vision while appealing to both your team and your target audience.

We help with all aspects of brand creation including: logo design, mission statements, value statements, tag lines, digital branding elements (branded website buttons, headers, footers, icons, profile pictures, etc.), and offline branding elements (digital files suitable for your commercial printing service).

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Brand Refresh

Is it time for a brand refresh? Whether your current branding came about unintentionally or was professionally designed, branding trends evolve.

Even the most established brands can begin to look dated or old-fashioned if they aren’t refreshed periodically. However, there’s more involved than changing colors or adding a catchy tag line.


When it comes to refreshing a brand, you deserve the best. While your expectations may be high, our standards are even higher.

Our branding experts and graphic artists work to ensure that your brand refresh stays true to its roots while giving it a makeover so that it’s relevant and current. Are you ready to build your brand the smart and intentional way?

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Brand Expansion

Thinking about expanding your brand into other products or services? Brand expansion can be a smart move, but it can also backfire if not handled with care.

The goal is to maximize your existing brand’s value, customer base, and appeal without diluting the brand or alienating your customers.


Webiotic can help you determine if the brand and the new product / service is a good fit. From there, we’ll develop and execute an effective brand expansion strategy.

We can also create a new brand if warranted. Above all, we determine the desired end results and design a branding and marketing strategy to attain them.

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