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Product tour and demonstration videos take viewers further down the sales and marketing funnel. By this point, they’ve already done some preliminary research and now want to know what sets your product apart and how it works.

What better way to show them the benefits of your product than to demonstrate it using a product tour video?


Product tour videos can take various forms. For example, guided screencast tours are commonly used to demonstrate software and cloud-based products. Live action videos are better suited for physical products and services. Many product tours include a mix of live action, screencasts, and animated videos.

Webiotic’s video production team is made up of digital marketing experts committed to bringing your vision to life with an eye for informing, nurturing, engaging, and converting viewers into customers.

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Animated Video

Use animated videos and make a powerful and engaging impact on your website, YouTube, social media, and other online channels. Our video production services can bring your brand to life.

Short, graphically pleasing, and informative, our animated video productions are one of the best ways to communicate your message. Your animated video can include professional animations and graphics, voiceovers, music, and an irresistible call to action.


By posting your animated videos on sites like Facebook and Vimeo, your message can reach a wider audience. Incorporating animated videos into your website provides another opportunity to optimize your website for both search engines and conversion.

Like our other services, Webiotic’s video production services are designed to help you grow your business.

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Live Action Video

Some consumers prefer viewing videos to reading text, making it essential to offer numerous ways to spread your message. Live action video allows you to appeal to these consumers while also taking advantage of this visual medium.

The possibilities for live action video are virtually unlimited. Two of the more effective formats for online marketing include testimonial videos and explainer videos.


Put the power of word-of-mouth advertising to work for you with testimonial videos from satisfied customers. Viewers can relate to the real people, real problems, and real solutions featured in video testimonials — and customer testimonials are among the most credible marketing messages out there.

Explainer videos do just that; they explain your product or service. However, they also position your product, service, or brand in a positive light, hitting on the pain points your target customers have and clearly illustrating the benefits of your solution.

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Testimonial Video

“Technology Will no longer holds us back

Jason Loeb, Founder & CEO of Sudsies

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