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Useful Local SEO Tips in 2016

If you are the owner of a business that caters to the local market in Miami, you definitely want to grow. However, you should ensure your business flourishes locally first. For that, you need to lay stress to local SEO. Building local SEO strategies is not at all a problem as you can easily hire a reputed web company in Miami, which can do that job smartly. The Importance of Designing Local SEO Plan Pressing the services of a web design company in Miami is important for preparing the local SEO plan. Many B2C and B2B prospects rely on the internet for gathering information to make purchase decisions. Most of the information searches take place through Google. Therefore, you need to devise local SEO strategies so that your business stands out in the market where you serve. What are those local SEO strategies that you need to follow in 2016? Voice Search Nowadays, consumers use mobile devices most of the time for gathering information of products and services. Currently, the demand for voice search is growing. Many consumers use the voice search feature for locating businesses, services and products they require. Voice search is faster than typing a query. Therefore, […]

Search Engines and Webspam

Last year’s Google Panda update was just the beginning. Google updated its algorithm yet again in late April. This time, Google’s going after “webspam.” What is webspam? It’s deceptive, non-useful, or irrelevant information. Keyword stuffing, an overabundance of a given keyword phrase, is one example of webspam. Another example involves irrelevant links such as links to debt relief websites embedded in a blog post about prenatal care.   What can you do to ensure your website is webspam free? Focus on quality writing and offer relevant information to your users. It’s a winning combination.

Google’s Venice Update

Code-named “Venice,” Google has made yet another change to its algorithm. Venice is one of about 40 recent updates made earlier this year. Venice is notable because it improves local search results. Think about its implications for a moment. If you’re a user in Miami in search of a local lawyer, wouldn’t it be nice if Google showed a list of local lawyers in Miami?   From a business perspective, Venice could affect your website’s position based on where individual users are located. This change makes local search engine optimization more important than ever.

Google Plus Your World – Search Gets Personal

Google introduced a new feature, and another game changer as far as SEO goes, last month: Google Plus Your World. When you enter a phrase into Google, Google Plus Your World goes much further than merely serving up results related to your keyword phrase; it looks at your larger social network for cues and delivers “personal” results.   For example, if you enter a phrase such as “Ford Mustang” into Google and people in your social network have shared articles about Ford Mustangs, posted pictures of their cars or shared news about their local Mustang car club’s latest fundraising drive, those results would appear as personal results. Meanwhile, they would also force general results further off the page.   Naturally, this is highly individualized as each individual has a unique network of social contacts. Google search results for the same exact phrase will vary dramatically from one user to the next.   With this change, social signals and search results are a new reality. If you’ve been hesitant to get social, it’s time to jump in. A few ideas to start: Build a Facebook fan page, start tweeting, write shareable blog posts and articles and encourage others to share. If […]

Three Keyword Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Anyone with a Google AdWords account, and even those without, can use the Google Keyword Tool to find keyword phrases for their websites. As you choose your keywords, are you making these three keyword mistakes?   Choosing phrases your target audience doesn’t use. This is an easy trap to fall into, especially if your company uses internal phrases and industry jargon that the general public doesn’t use. For example, a plastic surgeon might refer to a particular procedure as “abdominoplasty.” However, a search engine user seeking this type of surgery would be more likely to enter “tummy tuck.” Choosing a popular keyword phrase without considering context. In your list of keyword phrases you might find variations that are extremely popular such as “cheap math tutor.” If you are indeed a cheap math tutor, then this could be a good choice. However, if your services are at the high end of the pay scale, targeting this keyword phrase may drive traffic to your tutoring website but will do little to drive sales.    Ignoring keyword competition. Imagine this: a descriptive keyword phrase that describes your service perfectly and receives hundreds of thousands of searches a month. It’s perfect! Not so fast. You […]

Updating Local Links

Updating Local Links   If you operate a local business, let Google know about it by making sure local directories link to your website. Updating local links is a fast, effective way to build quality backlinks – and it’s easy to do. Here’s how:   Enter the name of your business or your website’s URL into Google’s search bar. Scroll through the results in search of business directories such as Yelp,, Cortera, and Manta. You may also find industry-specific directories, city directories, and others listing your company. Depending on the age of your business and its URL, some directories may not know your website exists.   Most directories feature a mechanism for users to update listing information. For example, Yelp contains a link labeled “Edit Business Info” for each business listed.Simply click the Edit Business Info link, fill in the details about your business, and enter your website’s URL. A Yelp representative will verify the information and your backlink should be live within a few days.   Your time spent updating local links can yield multiple high PR backlinks to your site. Take 15 minutes out of your day right now and build some local backlinks. You’ll be glad […]

The Secret to Success on the Search Engines

Webiotic’s search engine optimization staff includes keyword researchers, Web content writers, and programmers skilled in uncovering the best keyword phrases for your website and incorporating them into the website. Webiotic uses both on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies.

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