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2015’s 5 Trends for Mobile Website Design

If we would have spoken about developing websites or apps for mobile phones during 2000’s, people might have called it strange and considered it a fact of no value. However, we are living in 2015, which is technically far advanced than 2000 and now developing mobile applications or designing mobile websites have become one of the common aspects in the IT industry. Nowadays, anyone can develop mobile apps or websites by hiring a website design company anywhere in the world from Miami to Delhi. Creative a responsive and mobile-friendly website is essential these days. Thus, you should know what the latest trends for mobile website design are. Animated Elements The number of mobile applications is increasing every day, because users are demanding more and more interactions through mobile apps and in this case, nothing is greater than the use of animation. The best way to beat the competitors in the industry is that you have to do something different and make it attractive and user friendly. However, animation can play more functional and motivational role in app development. Relevant animations can offer more pleasant and effective experience for the users. Unlike mechanical and dry experience, perfect animation will provide human […]

Santa Has a Mobile Website – Do You?

Ho Ho Ho! If you have a smartphone and little kids in your life, you may have visited a few mobile websites featuring Santa and his elves. As you know, surfing the Web on a mobile device is hit and miss with some sites optimized for mobile and others simply impossible to navigate. While Santa has magic on his side (and elves!), regular business owners need to be more resourceful. Fortunately, creative mobile Web designers from Webiotic are available and ready to work their own magic. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile website design and optimization services.

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