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How to Launch an App – Steps To Do Before And After The Launch

Apps are a billion dollar industry, but the process—from conception to launch—involves a ton. Beyond product design, brainstorming, and hiring the right team of professionals to get the job done, there’s more to consider before you can successfully launch your shiny new mobile app. In this article, we’ll run through all of the key points in launching an app, including how to market an app successfully, so you’re fully prepared. How to Market an App Before Launch One major step that should happen pre-launch is marketing your app. A strong marketing strategy includes generating a buzz about your product before it even comes out, and while there are several ways you can do this, let’s take a look at some of the best marketing tips and strategies you can start rolling out. Research, Research, Research In case you haven’t noticed, there are tons of mobile apps on the market, from games and entertainment to health and fitness. There’s an app for pretty much anything and everything, so how do you stand a chance? It’s important to remember that apps aren’t accidentally a hit. Every successful mobile app begins with a wealth of research and data analysis on the competition, which […]

Batting for Top Draw through Effective Web Development Firms in Miami

Ever dreamt about running a successful e-commerce site that gets a lot of traffic? In today’s increasingly wired world, being able to establish and sustain an online presence is something businesses need to prioritize. Yet it also entails a certain amount of work and expertise. If you’ve mastered a few web design basics, you can attempt to create your own website and promote it over social networks. However, don’t be surprised if visitors get tired before long and find your DIY site rather bland and lacking in features. A feedback form may be helpful, but you won’t get any results from it if you do not understand which kinks need to be ironed out. To set up a user-friendly website that reinforces your brand image, why not get a credible Miami web development firm such as WEBiotic to help you out? With all the web development outfits operating in the greater Miami area, how do you find one that will meet all your needs? First, you’ll want to take note of as many companies as possible and narrow down your list to those with stellar reputations. Ask your friends or colleagues about any contacts they can refer to you. If […]

Mobile Marketing: What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes images over a smartphone or tablet’s camera image. It can be GPS-based or require the user to scan a product or logo first. In many ways, augmented reality is similar to QR codes. Instead of taking the user to a website or video, augmented reality superimposes the content over the device’s display. Starbucks recently used augmented reality to bring images on its cups to life while Volkswagen used it to send virtual 2012 Beetles flying over the streets of Vancouver and Toronto. How will you use augmented reality to revitalize your mobile marketing campaigns?

Mobile Marketing: What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a form of opt-in advertising using text messages sent to mobile phones. They typically involve promoting a short code (which is a shortened phone number for text messaging) and keyword (which identifies your mobile marketing SMS campaign). As users text the keyword to your short code, they opt into your SMS marketing campaign. From there, you can send special offers, coupons, news, and other goodies directly to your mobile subscribers’ cell phones.   Before considering SMS marketing, it’s important to have a mobile website and marketing strategy in place. Contact us today to get started.

Mobile Marketing: Adding QR Codes to the Mix

You’ve likely seen QR codes in advertisements, brochures, and newspapers. They’re those funny square barcode-looking things typically found on print advertising. When a smartphone or mobile device user uses the device’s camera to scan a QR photo, the QR code reader takes the user to a website or plays a video. QR codes blend physical advertising with the mobile Web. They allow you to add multimedia to an otherwise static medium as well as enhance the user’s experience.   What can you do with QR codes? Below are a few ideas: Link to your mobile website Link to a portfolio Link to a video Link to a special offer such as a free music download or coupon Link a physical product to an online brochure   How will you use QR codes? We’re here to help you make those ideas come true.

Mobile Marketing: What is Location-based Marketing?

Traditionally, location-based marketing was limited to billboards, direct mailers, flyers, and local TV and radio advertising. Smartphones have changed that. Today, location-based marketing uses GPS technology to deliver multimedia content or messages directly to mobile device users based on where they are. Imagine a local restaurant being able to send coupons to mobile users within a predetermined distance from the restaurant.   When you see a Facebook friend “checking in” at a location, that’s another example of location-based marketing. In this case, the establishment has somehow prompted that user to market to personal friends and colleagues. FourSquare is a similar tool. Users sometimes check in for the fun of it, though others do it in order to earn loyalty points or rewards.   If you run a local business, now’s a great time to start brainstorming location-based marketing ideas!

Mobile Marketing: Moving Beyond Mobile Websites and Apps

No doubt, the mobile Web is booming with an estimated 788 million mobile-only Internet users expected by 2015. While mobile websites and apps are well worth exploring, other mobile marketing tactics should also be on your radar including the following: Location-based marketing QR codes SMS marketing Augmented reality Near field communications Mobile search apps   Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore each of these in greater detail. In the meantime, contact us for immediate assistance with mobile app development, website design, or Internet marketing.

Why PPC Keyword Prices Vary

Have you ever wondered why rates for pay per click keywords vary? Several factors influence rates including your bidding strategy, your competitors’ bidding strategies, keyword popularity and keyword performance.   Obviously, if you overbid for a keyword, you’ll pay more for it. However, if the keyword is hot, other bidders may outbid you, raising rates even further. Similarly, if no one wants a particular word, the price will go down. Some keywords aren’t popular because they simply don’t perform. Meanwhile keywords with phrases that convert such as “buy online” are more likely to be in demand; thus a higher price.

What is Your Site’s Purpose?

Effective website design guides visitors down a predetermined course. Whether a website is an eCommerce site or a personal blog, it exists for a purpose. What is it?   For example, if you have a personal blog that chronicles your struggles living with a health condition, your blog’s purpose may be to raise awareness for that condition. Its purpose might be to support others suffering from that same condition.   Including calls to action can ensure that the site fulfills its purpose. Think about what you want your site visitors to do. Do you want them to share a link? Post a comment? Make a donation? Figure out how they can help your site fulfill its purpose and then include an appropriate call to action.

Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Web?

Whether you’ve jumped on the smartphone/tablet bandwagon or not, website visitors are increasingly accessing the Web using smartphones and tablet computers. According to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report posted in March 2012, Opera Mini (a mobile Web browser) users viewed over 117 billion webpages in March 2012 – an increase of 96 percent compared to March 2011.   These users are active mobile surfers, too, with 75 percent of surveyed Opera Mini users reporting that they spend over an hour surfing the mobile Web each day. Many use their mobile devices as their primary Internet platform.   The Mobile Web is coming of age. Is your website mobile-friendly? These numbers indicate that it’s time to make the move. Contact Webiotic to learn more.

What Do You Owe to Your Twitter Followers?

A recent Forbes article discussing branding tips mentioned Twitter’s head of music Tatiana Simonian’s response when asked how to get more followers. She said, “If that’s all you care about, you’re in trouble. Your followers, you owe them something. They don’t owe you something.”   She has a point. With that in mind, here are a few Twitter tips: Write interesting tweets Interact with followers Provide useful information Know when to back off Earn your followers’ trust   Do all of the above and you’ll naturally attract more followers – and keep the ones you have.

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