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Characteristics to Look For in a Good Web Design in Miami

The young and trendy consumers of Miami turn to their computers and smartphones whenever in search of a product or service. In an era when anyone can just easily make his own website, standing out and creating a strong online presence becomes necessary for businesses. Online reviews can make or break a company’s reputation. The importance of leaving a good first impression on clients cannot be stressed enough. Your website should provide a pleasant first encounter with your clients. You may provide quality service, but if your website is poorly designed, your clients may think otherwise. Here are the qualities of a good web design in Miami, as suggested by web solutions company Webiotic.

Is Your Facebook Page Ready for the Timeline Design?

On March 30th, all Facebook pages will be switched to the new “Timeline” design which organizes status updates by time period. As an admin, you can preview or publish your timeline now.   Perhaps most noticeable is the inclusion of a cover photo. Make sure to select one that makes a dramatic impression. Take control over which status posts are displayed by pinning compelling posts to the top and hiding irrelevant ones from view.   Need help? Webiotic offers complete Facebook page design packages. Contact us today.

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