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App Development Contracts – The Complete Guide For App Working Agreements

This guide will help you understand the ins and outs of app development contracts. If you are involved in the creation or planning of apps or software, this guide is perfect for you. For a job involving the design and development of software, a developer probably realizes that there is a telling difference between being a professional developer and simply making applications for the fun of it. A career in app development will demand that they adopt professional best practices. This best begins with proper business contracts that capture all client and developer expectations in a robust manner. This conversation is necessary because custom app development for businesses and individuals is experiencing similar growth explosion as eCommerce websites did during the dotcom boom. The barriers to entry are coming down at an accelerating pace as more freelance software developers are offering packaged development services. Well-written contracts protect a developer and those they work with, ensuring the developer is paid for all work done. The developer is also protected from unnecessary painful and costly headaches. It is of greatest necessity that developers appreciate and understand the importance of crafting concrete app development contracts before diving head-first into engaging clients. No developer […]

How Often Should You Update Your App? The Complete Guide on Updating Apps

Even the best, most widely-used and long-lived apps continue putting out updates, and not just for adding new changes and features to the app, but for sending patches and bug fixes too. As an app developer, updates are just another fact of life. But how often should you update your app and what should you consider when doing so? After all, while it’s important to fix any glaring issues and bugs with your app, you don’t want to bombard your users with too many updates. There are actually some benchmarks app developers should use to determine when to update their app, which we’ll review as well as why timing even matters in the first place. Why Does Timing Matter? Most app developers realize that an app is never really finished. Once it’s released into the wild, it’s pretty much expected that they’ll need to continue updating it on a regular basis to ensure it stays fresh and functioning. Whether it’s pushing a bug fix, a new feature, or implementing improved security measures, the process is never-ending. While updates are crucial and users expect them, the last thing you want is to be pushing out updates every day. It’s just plain […]

How to Find a CTO to Manage the Tech Side of Your Business

Ideas are a dime a dozen, which is why you might find yourself ready to take the next step and bring your app idea to fruition by getting started on the development journey. First stop: finding a lead developer or Chief Technology (or technical) Officer to take hold of the reigns on your app’s project development.  If you don’t have a tech background, you want a senior-level developer or technical officer who has first-hand experience in app development. So how to find a CTO, anyway?  Let’s take a look! How to find a CTO – The Role of a CTO A CTO is the senior executive that leads a project’s tech needs. While entrepreneurs could just hire a team of developers, having a proper CTO can make a huge difference when it comes to your app’s success, especially if your own tech knowledge and background is limited. A quality CTO will be able to carefully evaluate the short-term and long-term needs of the project and make all of the best choices designed to help the project hit it’s milestones. Here is a quick overview of what the role is of a CTO: Examines the technical needs of a project Makes […]

App Icon Template – How to Make One, and Do it Right

If you’re in the midst of developing a brand new mobile app, the app icon may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s actually an incredibly important aspect of the project and should be given its due diligence. In short, an app icon is a visual representation of your app displayed in the app store and on your home screen. It’s one of the first encounters your users will have with your mobile app and so it’s a fundamental component in building a positive and memorable user experience. In this article, we’re going to cover the whole topic of app icon template and give you some useful tricks that will help you design the best app icon and run through how to get started. Tips and Tricks to Design the Perfect App Icon Remember, a good app icon can go a long way in swaying a user to download your app. Just like a catchy app title, description, and thumbnails, the app icon is what will help capture your users and pique their interest. It’s one of the first things a user will see before deciding to download your app, so it has to be grabbing. Let’s review […]

Shopify App Development – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re a developer or entrepreneur, if you’re looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution that will allow you to start, manage, and scale a business, Shopify is a great choice. It allows you to easily create and customize an online store and sell products on the web, mobile, social media, and even a brick and mortar storefront. Basically, it’s a complete digital platform boasting roughly 1,000,000 active users as of 2017, and a total revenue of over $1 billion in 2018. Let’s take a closer look at Shopify app development and everything you need to know to get started. Why build Using Shopify? If you’re considering Shopify for building your business’s app, then you’re probably somewhat familiar with this widely popular platform, but how does it fare against its competition and why should you build using Shopify? Shopify has long been a preferred choice for sellers looking for both simplicity and rich features when managing their online store and products. Here are a few benefits that come with Shopify: Simple to use Unlike other ecommerce solutions like WooCommerce or Magento, Shopify is no-fuss and easy to setup and use for developers and non-developers alike. It provides hosting and software you […]

How to Find And Hire App Developers

How to find an app developer? How to hire app developers in general? These are questions people with the perfect idea for the next big mobile app have, and if you’re one of them, you’ll want to hire a top-notch app developer who can bring your project and vision to life. Programming work requires time, talent, and ample funding since it can take weeks, if not months to develop your app.  While there’s no shortage of app developers you can hire all over the globe (an estimated 23 million, in fact), what’s the best way to find them and what kind of prices can you expect? In this article, we’re going to run through everything you need to know about hiring an app developer and where you can find them to ensure a smooth onboarding experience with your app development team. How to Find an App Developer – Before Embarking on Your Search… Before getting started, there are few general rules of thumb you should follow to ensure you’re hiring the right person. Just because someone is a great developer doesn’t mean they’re the right one for your project. Get familiar with the basics While knowing how to code yourself […]

How to Create a Location Based App – The Complete Guide

“App” has become today’s buzzword, and you’re likely using several on your device as you read this. The subset of apps called geolocation apps forms a significant niche among mobile applications. In fact, the geolocation trend is now a core part of application development with a new geolocation app being released everyday. Statistical figures support this: as of 2015, 95% of US mobile users aged 18-29 used location-based services. The US smartphone penetration rate hovered around 67.3% in 2017. With this background, a geolocation app connects businesses to a potential 200 million users in the US alone. Apps, including games, navigation apps, weather services, and certain social media apps depend on location services. The relentless geolocation trend has opened new opportunities and startup ideas, paving the path for established businesses that could never exist without this technology. Yet, the possibility of integrating geolocation in an application has given room for a novel mix of client service treatment for existing goods and services. It has also given birth to an exciting level of marketing strategies and altering the entire workflow of interaction with the consumer. Discovery has assumed fresh dimensions with location based apps. Beyond usual maps, location-based apps are able […]

App Metrics Explained. KPI’s You Need To Track And Know For Your App

While creating a successful mobile app means putting up time and money to invest in the right team that will create a beautiful and functioning application that you can publish in the App Store, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Mobile apps require a constant stream of feedback, data, and analytics so the creative teams behind them know more about their users and how they can continue to improve the experience. App metrics provide valuable performance data on everything from how your app was found, most used features in your app, causes for engagement and return to the app, and so on—all of which are carefully calculated through the use of analytics software designed specifically for mobile apps. Top Mobile App Performance Metrics Daily and monthly active users Keeping track of your daily and monthly active users is essential. After all, the average app loses about 80% of their daily active users (DAU) in just the first three days, and nearly 90% within the first month. By tracking your app’s active users by day and month, this provides a useful barometer for how the app is doing and overall user retention, rather than just tallying up the total downloads. Retention […]

The Complete API for Mobile Apps Guide Any Developer Needs

If you’ve found yourself immersed in the mobile app development world, then you’ve probably heard of an application program interface, or API. In a world where things like e-commerce and social networking are the norm in helping people stay connected and engaged, it’s essential for mobile apps to stay both convenient and relevant through the use of APIs. So what is an API for mobile apps? You can check any app on your mobile right now and it’s extremely likely that it uses Facebook’s API, for example, which is the most famous and widely used API by mobile app developers. Or if you’re shopping online using a mobile app, it’s likely that app provides a PayPal API to allow for easy payments. In a nutshell, API for mobile apps allow users to easily interact with other applications and softwares which can make for a superior mobile app experience, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when developing your app. Integration is key! iOS Rest API A Rest API means having an API that uses HTTP requests when handling data, specifically to GET, PUT, POST, and delete. In short, this is an architectural style for creating web services and is […]

App Store Submission Checklist – How To Submit an iOS App To The App Store

Apple’s app-store is the second largest app marketplace that features nearly 1.8 million apps. While they likely receive and approve hundreds of applications a day, the process isn’t as simple as uploading your app and sitting back, waiting for the big bucks to roll in. Whether you’re a solo developer or a large app development company, there are strict guidelines in place by Apple when it comes to app submission and approval. In this article, we’re going to run through a general App Store submission checklist so you can be prepared for everything involved and avoid some common pitfalls and mistakes that can get you rejected. iOS App Store Submission Checklist #1 Test, Test, Test Before you even consider publishing your app in the App Store, it’s crucial to test your app first. If you haven’t been testing your app throughout the development process, you absolutely want to run your app through some rigorous testing before moving on. While there are plenty of apps in the App Store that might crash or have bugs, you should minimize bugginess and poor performance as much as possible. If the functionality of your app isn’t stable and contains large issues, it will quickly […]

What Makes a Good App – Creating Great Apps Is a Process, Not Luck

Apps are a multi-billion dollar industry which have led hungry entrepreneurs to ask themselves— what makes a good app? While the competition is fierce and the workload exhaustive, producing a successful mobile application is certainly achievable with a go-getter mindset, ample funding to hire the best team, and of course, a catching idea. What makes an app great, however, goes well beyond these parameters and includes a pretty wide variety of elements. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of those key components that contribute to making an app truly great so your app can be featured on the next “Top Mobile Apps” list. Understand Your Target Audience This is one of the first steps involved in making a good app – understanding your audience and properly identifying who your target audience is. This should come before anything else and will take much time and research. You’ll want to gather data to figure out what kind of consumer will use your app, along with any relevant demographic information. Did you know, for example, that the primary app buyers fall between the ages of 18-34? Learn about your audience! With that said, it’s just as important to see who the […]

How to Get Investors for an App – Actionable Advice And Tips

Getting into the mobile app market can be a smart move, but investing your own money in your app project isn’t. So how do you find the funds to hire the best team of developers, creatives, and leadership that will ensure your project is a success? After all, building an app can cost thousands. Trust me, you don’t want to be footing that bill. A huge component of tapping into the app market is about raising money and finding investors who can get on board with your project and help fund it. In this article, we’re going to review how to get investors for your app and how doing so can mean life or death for your project.  How to get investors for an app – Investing 101 If you’re unfamiliar with the world of investments, started getting familiar. If you want a chance at getting some serious investor money in your pocket, you need to know the basics. This includes things like terms of investment as well as the different types of investors there are. Let’s take a quick look! Types of investors These are five of the most common types of investors for startups that you might want to think about. Angel Investors: […]

How Long Does it Take To Publish an App on Google Play

Launching a mobile app is no joke. It can take months to make your way through the grueling process of hiring the right team of talent, researching your app, developing and designing it, going through rounds of testing, and adding those last-minute finishing touches. So now you’ve reached the finish line and are super stoked to finally publish your app on Google Play, but how does the process look and what it’s involved? Let’s run through all the steps to getting your app published so you’re fully prepared and know what to expect! Quick Navigation: Read the docs Create your developer account Upload your app Get ready for testing and production Manage your APK files Publish an App on Google Play How long does it take to publish an app on Google Play #1 Read the Docs Reading through Google Play’s quality guidelines will be the least glamorous step to getting your app published, but it’s an important one nonetheless and will ensure your app is approved. Google Play wants your app to succeed just as much as you do—after all, they want to cash in on your app’s sales too. This means publishing only high-quality apps. This document will […]

How to Name an App – Tips, Tricks And Advice

Believe it or not, but the question “what’s in a name?” has never been more important than when it comes to naming a product—that includes your new app. Sorry Shakespeare! Naming in app is an important step in the app development journey and deserves careful thought and consideration before making a decision. After all, your app name essentially establishes its identity. You want the name to be clever and leave a lasting impression on your uses. It should be memorable and help your app stand out from the crowd. The App Store saw nearly 1.8 million apps in the first quarter of 2019 and Google Play saw 2.1 million. By 2021, consumer spending on apps is set to reach a whopping 105.2 billion in the U.S. If you want a piece of the pie, take your time on this important aspect of app development. So how to name an app and where do you even start? In this article, we’re going to walk you through how to best approach the app-naming process. Quick Navigation: How to name an app – Generate Words and Names Naming your app – set your app apart Keep it terse Make your app name meaningful […]

How to Launch an App – Steps To Do Before And After The Launch

Apps are a billion dollar industry, but the process—from conception to launch—involves a ton. Beyond product design, brainstorming, and hiring the right team of professionals to get the job done, there’s more to consider before you can successfully launch your shiny new mobile app. In this article, we’ll run through all of the key points in launching an app, including how to market an app successfully, so you’re fully prepared. How to Market an App Before Launch One major step that should happen pre-launch is marketing your app. A strong marketing strategy includes generating a buzz about your product before it even comes out, and while there are several ways you can do this, let’s take a look at some of the best marketing tips and strategies you can start rolling out. Research, Research, Research In case you haven’t noticed, there are tons of mobile apps on the market, from games and entertainment to health and fitness. There’s an app for pretty much anything and everything, so how do you stand a chance? It’s important to remember that apps aren’t accidentally a hit. Every successful mobile app begins with a wealth of research and data analysis on the competition, which […]

How to Make Money Creating Apps – Tips And Tricks Of The Trade

There has never been a better time to get into the mobile app industry. In 2017 alone, app revenue has been estimated at 58.6 billion on Google Play and the Apple Store. While it takes time and money to take an app idea and bring it to a fruitful conception, the juice is worth the squeeze, and the potential to earn millions is huge. If you’re a developer or entrepreneur ready to tap into this lucrative and burgeoning market, you may be wondering how to make money creating apps. In this article, we’ll be answering the million dollar question by highlighting some of the top avenues in which mobile apps are earning the big bucks. How to Make Money Creating Apps While you may be eager to get to your destination—a successful app earning millions—slow your roll! Creating an app and making money from it can be a lengthy process and involves several crucial steps to ensure success, such as conducting market research, hiring the right team of talent, putting together mockups and wireframes, developing the app, testing, and finally, launching your mobile app. Giving due time to each of these steps and hiring the right team of professionals that can […]

How Much Do App Developers Make Per Download?

As you may have noticed, there’s a lot of money in the app world—billions in fact. If you want a piece of the pie, a great idea for a new mobile application along with a talented crew can take you far. Just remember that while there’s money to be made in apps, not all are raking in top dollar earnings. In this article, we’re going to break down how exactly apps are making money or how much do app developers make per download and what you should know before diving in. How App Developers Make Money: Free vs Paid When developing an app, there are many important questions to ask and consider, and deciding on offering a paid app or a free app is a big one. After all, people tend to want to try out an app first before they buy it, and more often than not, there’s a similar—and free—app already out there. Considering who your users are and why they would be willing to purchase your app is a crucial question that could determine how successful your mobile app does on the market. How Much Do App Developers Make Per Download – Paid Apps While it’s obvious […]

Enterprise App Development 101

As a business grows, so too should their app development software, but not all applications are as scalable as we’d like. Enterprise app development helps increase productivity, integrate with other enterprise apps, and overall, works to meet a large company’s needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about enterprise app development so you can continue making the best choices for your business. What Is Enterprise App Development? Enterprise app development is the process of creating software specifically created for a business. There are plenty of tools out there for increasing productivity and making your business run smoother, but enterprise applications take things to the next level by providing you with a solution that is custom-built to your company’s needs. These apps can be a single program or a suite of software, depending on your needs. They can be tailored for executives, employees, and even your company’s customers—depending on your goals. The purpose of an enterprise application is to simplify your day-by-day work routines, freeing up time to work on new projects while also cutting costs. The right enterprise app will make your business more agile and efficient, providing your company with excellent ROI […]

Mobile App Prototyping – How To Create Mockups Like An Expert

A major part of the app development process begins with launching a prototype of your mobile app. This mobile app prototyping phase is where you’re taking an idea and polishing it until it looks, acts, and feels exactly as you’ve imagined. This includes things like fleshing out the design, incorporating screen elements, defining features and key functionality, establishing a smooth user flow, and so on. Keep in mind that a mobile app prototype is essentially a visual representation that looks like the real thing, but doesn’t have any code. Its purpose is to demonstrate an app’s function and design. While a mobile app prototype can be as simple as a sketch on paper or as high fidelity as a digital mockup, we’re going to take a look at the entire process and everything involved. Mobile App Prototyping – Getting Started Before getting on to the exciting design and layout phase of your mobile app, you’ll want to first identify and lay out all of the key requirements. While it’s easy to have an idea of what you want in your head, you should meticulously go through every function and feature of your application. There’s a lot to think about and […]

iPhone App Design – Complete Guide To Designing An App For iPhone

iPhone app design involves a lot of moving parts and processes. Building a new iPhone application takes a ton of work and there are plenty of moving parts involved in the process, but designing an app for iPhone is also where things get fun. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your idea fleshed out on a screen, looking just as you imagined it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a whole lot more to design than making things look pretty. You have to consider things like user experience as well as how users will interact with your app. Designing for mobile is a whole other process than designing for desktop. Mobile app development is one of the biggest industries out there, with nearly 197 billion app downloads in 2017. If you want to tap into this lucrative ecosystem and launch a successful iPhone app, it’s crucial to get things like the iPhone app design right. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything that comprises great mobile design, some examples of when it works and when it doesn’t, and how it can impact your users.  iPhone App Design – Understanding the Medium One of […]

How Long Does it Take to Develop An App? And Getting it Done Right

If you have a great idea for the next best app, you may be wondering “ how long does it take to develop an app?” Great question, and researching the answer is the first step in bringing your idea to fruition. As you can imagine, there are quite a few steps and a whole lot of planning involved in developing an app, so establishing a reasonable timeline and scope of the project is key. In this article, we’re going to take a high-level overview of a few of the things involved in the app development process as well as how long different milestones can take so you’re prepared to take the next step. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App – Let’s Talk Features How long it takes to develop an app depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your development team, the app’s features, and budget. Let’s first take a look at what category your app falls into: small, medium, or large-scale app project. Here are some key features of each to give you a better idea: Small App Social media capabilities, like connecting to Facebook and inviting Facebook friends Login and password capabilities […]

I Have An App Idea but No Programming Skills, Help!

Ideas are a dime a dozen—everyone has one. What people forget is that ideas aren’t enough to revolutionize or grow into a profitable business. Not by themselves, anyway. Execution is everything, so if you’re reading this article and thinking to yourself ” I have an app idea but no programming skills to make it happen”,  you’re already taking the right steps to bringing your ideas to fruition, and we can help you out. Have an idea for an app but no programming skills? If you have no clue where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Think of this article as an action plan that will set the wheels in motion. We’ll run through every step you need to take to turn your idea into a formidable business. I Have an Idea For An App, What Next? You have a great idea for the next best app, so what comes next? The very first thing you need to consider before moving forward and investing time, energy, and money, is the risk involved and what it takes to create and launch a web or mobile application. This isn’t just a fun and creative side hustle, but rather a business move that can […]

Hints Web Design Features to be Simple and Clutter-free

As the number of websites on the World Wide Web has substantially increased, every organization owning a website is trying making it better so that the visitors can access all required information conveniently. Today, web designers are making websites with easy-to-use features and beautiful design that can draw the attention of internet users easily. In 2016, the features of web design in Miami are going to be simple and clutter-free. Scroll First and Click Second There is no doubt that users like to scroll more than clicking to get information about the website. Keeping the fact in mind, most of the modern websites offer scroll first and click the second feature so that the users can access most of the website in a single page without even clicking for other page or link. One can easily impress its visitors by decorating the website in such a way. Ghost Buttons Ghost buttons or the transparent buttons have become one of the most preferred options for modern web designers because they help the site to become cohesive to the sole purpose of the website and to create a call-to-action. However, the most notable advantage of the ghost buttons is that they provide […]

Putting Yourself in Designer’s Shoes Can Make You Fetch Expected Returns

You are maintaining a website to run your business. Sometimes, you have to change your marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. In some cases, you have to develop new products or add new features to the existing products to enhance the market share. Whatever, you do, your decisions will get reflected through your website. Not clear? You have to update your site. It may happen that the style or font has gone outdated. You have to make changes accordingly to attain the desired business growth. How often you work with designer? Are your tasks getting done in right time? If you are facing adversities, then it is time, you need to empathize. This is the beginning of maintain a smooth, professional relationship with your designer and get the most out of him or her. How to bridge the gap? Here are those tips. Provide Information As Much As Possible You have found that your website is facing challenges to make the desired sales conversions. You have conducted a survey and found that the offerings listed in your site are not navigable easily. Therefore, you have to make the design of web pages simple so that visitors can spot […]

Does A Modern Business Need to Apply Ecommerce Techniques?

Nowadays, consumers not just have the only choice to visit a store to shop what they require. They have everything at their fingertips. That is why they prefer to purchase products or services online. By seeing this kind of buying trend, you may have also launched your website. Now, competition can take any turn. In order to draw the attention of your prospects, you need to deploy cutting-edge e-commerce strategies. Finally, with more visits and engagements from prospects, your company’s sales objectives are fulfilled. Using Social Media for Maximizing Ecommerce Potential When you run an e-commerce site, your business may have a profile on various social media sites. You may be posting contents to these social media platforms to interact with users. If you are doing it haphazardly, your goals will be affected. Each social media post should have call to action strategy so that prospects are obliged to visit your site. Testimonials written by your customers on your social media profiles can be added to your main site so that visitors develop an interest in buying those products. As for the design of the call to action page goes, it can be well-taken care by a reputed website design […]

5 Setbacks to Be Analyzed for Redesigning Website

A few years back, you started your business with endeavor. You have also kept in mind that a business flourishes if it has strong online presence. For that reason, you have launched your website. Are you getting the desired sales conversions as before? If the figure has dropped, there is nothing to worry about. The only thing you need to do is to overhaul your site and a reputed website design company will help you to realize your goals. Time is limited. Resources are scarce. Experimenting by putting forward a hypothesis may consume more time and you will be left behind the competition. Smartly look for these signs and make decisions accordingly. Site Does Not Work Well on Mobile For the past a few years, the information searching process has undergone a transformation. Nowadays, people use mobile phones often to access the Internet. If your site is not responsive, then it will have an adverse effect on user experience. The only solution is to observe the mobile browsing trends and adopt the responsive design for your site. In other words, it is a full-proof solution to enhance your market share. Web Pages Are in Flash If your website still uses […]

Is Your Website Missing these Five Engaging Elements?

You have launched a website so that your prospects can become aware of your offerings. Right! The web pages that you have designed are stunning, with flashy pop- ups and vibrant design. Is the attractive design sufficient to convert prospects into customers? Where are the engaging elements through which visitors can make prompt purchase decisions? Do you want to know what your website misses? Read further. Newsletter Section You are working hard to stay abreast with the competition. For that, you make alterations to your offerings or come up with new products or services to meet the changing tastes and preferences of your prospects. You need to make them aware of your new developments through a newsletter. Maintaining Mobile Site As a marketer, you need to keep in mind that many consumers use the Internet to learn the details of products and services. However, there has been a change in the search process in all these years. Nowadays, the adoption of mobile phones has risen than desktops as the former allow them to stay in touch with the Internet all time. For that reason, you need have a responsive version of your site and this where an experienced web design […]

How Can Responsive Web Design Optimize User Experience and Help Your Business?

Nowadays, substantial developments are taking place in the area of information search. In the past few years, information search has shifted from desktop to mobile gadgets like notepads, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Now, businesses have to invest on web designs that make their sites easily accessible and usable on mobile gadgets, which will finally generate the prospective leads. This is where the role of responsive web design comes in. Keeps Budget under Check The responsive web design keeps the budget under control. When the responsive design option is chosen, it can work on different devices without requiring to develop a separate site for each device. Mobile web development saves substantial time and enables a website design company in embedding code into a document for making the website work smoothly on every screen. This is how you cut the cost of mobile web development. Offers Spotless Engagement to Users Responsive web design offers streamlined and simple interfaces to the web visitors. Users of smartphones prefer visiting websites that offer simple browsing, proper visibility and easily understandable browsing features. These factors motivate business owners to adopt responsive web design to enhance the user experience. This strategy makes visitors happy and leads to […]

How Web Design Analytics Benefit SEO?

Many online activities are driven by data. When you need to make your website functional and dynamic, you collect data as much as possible so that you can make effective SEO strategies. Building SEO strategies is a challenging task. Site analytics, web design and SEO are the crucial factors that cannot be separated from each other. The SEO efforts are affected by some features of your site design. You need to seek the help of analytics to make corrective decisions regarding your web design and SEO. Get Idea of Metrics through Analytical Tools Analytical tools like Google Analytics offer SEO professionals with insights on various metrics. The SEO professionals give importance to some metrics of your website. The metric that is considered for developing SEO strategies is the page view. There are some factors, which affect the number of views of your website. Average time spent on a webpage is a crucial metric, which is tracked by the search engine crawlers. Design Responsiveness Another crucial factor in web design is the responsiveness of a website. The analytics can provide information on the browsers, which the visitors use. You can detect whether your site is responsive. Past researchers have suggested that […]

Why Optimize Your Website Design for Inbound?

An effective website helps a lot for the success of your business. Incorporating inbound marketing strategies on the website allow you to generate the desired traffic and quality leads. A site optimized for inbound is focused at offering value to a small group for sufficing the specific needs. The features of such website are: Dynamic Personalization A site does not to be static. A website meant for inbound features dynamic personalization details. Personalization can be done in many ways. The concept of personalization can be used by gathering the demographic and behavioral information of users and then creating customized content. A visitor is not aware that he or she is viewing personalized content as it is implemented on the back end of the site and flows with the visitor’s browsing habit. Personalizing content saves money and time. In addition, the web design service in Miami does not need to make web changes most often. This kind of strategy keeps visitors engaged at your site for a long time, and results in conversions. Website Should Have Goal Every page of the website should bear a goal like any component of inbound marketing strategy. Whether it is to increase blog subscribers, generate […]

What Is Custom Web Design and Why You Should Get It?

Nowadays, customers need to purchase solutions that can be rendered fast. For that, you need to have a website. You can surf the internet and grab some free template designs for developing your site. However, the question is whether your business would be benefited over the long run by having a free generic website. In order to get the most of the returns, you should decide to launch a custom website. What are the advantages of having tailor made a website? Read here. Custom Site Ranks High in Search Engines Custom sites are SEO-friendly and can be best used for online marketing activities. When the rank of your site goes high during SERP, more number of people can see your website and use it for building links. If your site fetches substantial links, the ranking would be boosted. Get Assistance from Professionals A free generic website cannot offer you the same benefits like a tailormade site. A free generic site does not provide ongoing support, dedicated assistance and expertise from web designing companies. If you decide to hire a reputed web company service in Miami, you can expect a well thought out site which would create a fine impression on […]

Useful Local SEO Tips in 2016

If you are the owner of a business that caters to the local market in Miami, you definitely want to grow. However, you should ensure your business flourishes locally first. For that, you need to lay stress to local SEO. Building local SEO strategies is not at all a problem as you can easily hire a reputed web company in Miami, which can do that job smartly. The Importance of Designing Local SEO Plan Pressing the services of a web design company in Miami is important for preparing the local SEO plan. Many B2C and B2B prospects rely on the internet for gathering information to make purchase decisions. Most of the information searches take place through Google. Therefore, you need to devise local SEO strategies so that your business stands out in the market where you serve. What are those local SEO strategies that you need to follow in 2016? Voice Search Nowadays, consumers use mobile devices most of the time for gathering information of products and services. Currently, the demand for voice search is growing. Many consumers use the voice search feature for locating businesses, services and products they require. Voice search is faster than typing a query. Therefore, […]

7 Vital Web Design Trends in 2016

Website no doubt is the face of your business. However, while building a brand, you need to be cautious because you cannot overlook your competitors. When you run a website, it is important for you to look at the needs of your prospects and accordingly update your site. Here are some web design trends that you need to follow in 2016. Original Illustrations Some design elements add personality to your website and they produce better results than hand drawn illustrations. These design elements provide a friendly edge to your brand. If you cannot allocate sufficient time for developing illustrations, you need not worry. You can hire a reputed web design service in Miami whose art styles synchronize well with your brand. Usage of Almost Flat Design The usage of flat design started a few years back. The concept behind the flat design is to create an appearance which is free from fluffs and frills by using simple shapes, simple typography and bold colors. However, in every situation, flat design does not work well. In order to eliminate the issues of flat design, web designers came up with almost flat design. Some elements are given dimension and depth for balancing the […]

Interactive Website Design is the Key to Embrace Online Success

In computers, the term interactivity generally refers to the dialog that takes place between a computer program and a human being. It won’t be exaggerating to state that interactivity has become the latest craze in the extensive expanse of website designing. There was a time, when website designing was acknowledged as one mere form of advertisement. But then, came a phase where websites started gaining massive importance and oodles of appreciations as a premium business representative that deals with business 24/7 throughout the year. Significance of multiple user interaction Regardless to say, websites were structured for creating interaction between the business and the visitor. But, now time has drastically changed and the technology too has evolved to a great extent. Today every budding business has developed an extremely positive attitude to consider the feedbacks of the visitors. Now they want multiple visitors to interact with millions of other visitors as well. The benefits of empowering interactivity There is no doubt in the fact that multiple user interaction has succeeded greatly in facilitating the visitors with first-hand information about the service or the product being proffered through the particular website. It helps to convince the visitors about the lucrative offerings and […]

Custom Web-Design to Bring Success in Your Business Venture

Whether it’s a small business or a budding venture claiming to fame; custom website design is must to ensure a significant growth. An impressive web-presence of your business matters lot for its establishment in the market. You can reach large masses through a robust website which sheds a light on your business/services, products, work-ethics, mission, vision and so on. Custom web design aims to design every page keeping accordance with your business expectation and requisites. No denying to it – a custom web design has various advantages than designing from templates. With custom web design, you have a complete freedom to put your preferences and ideas before the designers. Here are some reasons that tell you why you should consider custom design for your thriving business: Search engine optimization: A company creates its website in order to offer essential information related to its products and services. It happens only when the website has an effective web presence with better ranking. Hence, the experienced and skilled web-design services aim to use different search-engine-optimization techniques to generate a huge traffic to your website. A poorly constructed website is a big-no for a business aspiring to climb the ladder of success. A non-attractive […]

Choose Responsive Design to Succeed in eCommerce Business Venture

With swift progress in technology, newer trends for designing websites have reared heads. Leaving other trends behind, Responsive Web-design has succeeded to standout. It is a web design trend, which is predicted to rule for years to come. Responsive design uses a set of techniques & tools for making websites fit to every screen including small and big. Websites with responsive design are highly recommended for eCommerce business. Web surfers prefer the websites that can be viewed on every device. These days, the visitors surf websites from portable devices like Smart phone, laptop, tablet etc. Responsive websites are adaptable to every screen size. Well, this is not the only advantage to count for. Here are some good reasons why responsive web design is recommended for every online business venture. Take a look: Flexible web sites: Websites with responsive layout fits well every screen size. So, from smart-phones, to tablet and laptops; websites built in this way offer impeccable visibility. Gone are those days, when websites were designed for desktop computers only. The traditional desktop computers have been replaced by advanced-portable devices. The emergence of portable devices has increased the need of flexible web designs that can be viewed from all […]

Know Why a Well-built Website is a Must for Your Business

Web design is a crucial factor for ensuring success of your business in a world driven by Internet Marketing. The predominant importance of the web-design in promoting a business is absolutely phenomenal. Being an entrepreneur, if you lack a website, you are certainly losing out on many opportunities for your business. A website itself can accomplish several marketing strategies to help your enterprise succeed. It can benefit you in many other ways. Let’s peep into some reasons why your website can’t afford a skip prior to embarking on a business venture! Without wasting time, let’s get started: Affordable solution: Yes, you have heard it right! Many eminent web-design companies in the United States ask for a few bucks for building and designing a site. A strategically structured website ensures an effective online-presence. Thus, it provides tremendous benefits and resultant costing outlines to your business. Being an effectual e-Commerce solution, a good web design insures a great bang-for-the-buck always. Absolutely convenient: You tell it, which is more convenient; roaming from one shop to another for making a purchase, or buying products sitting in the comfort of your own home? The answer is obvious, unless you definitely prefer aimlessly driving around! Almost […]

Tips for finding the right web designing company

A well-structured website is a key secret to a successful business. It is the finest means for providing a great branding experience for your targeted customers. Hence, these days every blooming company emphasizes on building intelligible websites for exhibiting, promoting or selling their services or products online. If you are an enterpriser seeking for the assistance of an efficient web design company, then you must pick it wisely. You must keep your eyes on a number of factors in order to succeed in this regard. Some important tips are précised below for choosing the right web design company for your benefits. Have a look: 1. A detailed review of the company: It is no way easy to make a right choice in regard of picking an appropriate web design company. It is vital to get a detailed review about the company, ahead of time. It will shed a light on many important aspects; i.e. The work process, success rate, services, professionals & experts, clients’ feedbacks etc. about the concerned agency. These informations altogether will help you make the right decision always. 2. Cost estimation: The topmost concern in this regard would be to estimate your budget before opting for a […]

Disadvantages of Not Owning a Business Website

Running a business can never be a task of no sweat! Preparing the to-do-list for your business is indeed a never ending process. However, you should not follow the short cuts when it comes to insuring a strong online visibility. Beginning with your website; it plays a crucial role in establishing your business with a professional approach over the internet. A well-structured site help the entrepreneurs promote their businesses and subsequently reach their prospective customers online. Many other causes are there as well, which strictly emphasizes on building a website for your company. Now have a look at the possible occurrences that might take place if you don’t own a website: An impediment to reach wider audiences: The main advantage of having a website is to reach your potential customers with ease. The visitors understand your business and services properly only after browsing through the website. Absence of a proper Web design seems to be a huge setback for a blooming and even for an established business. By not having a website, you will be automatically losing the opportunity to get in touch with your audiences. A poor customer relationship: An intelligible website builds a bridge between your business and […]

Implement Custom CMS Design to Manage Your Business Successfully

The increasing use of internet has compelled every blooming company to invest highly into web design and website development. Selecting a comprehensible and user-friendly website design for your business seems to be a great challenge indeed. One must rely on intense research to opt for an expert professional vendor that abides by all your needs and expectations. Almost all entrepreneurs know that their business can succeed when its offerings are showcased to the targeted customers. Hence, the aspirant business owners put stress on building eye-catching websites that helps their business stand out amidst the clutter! A CMS aka Content Management System enables users to control and manage the contents in their website. The increasing popularity of custom CMS website can be attributed to its potential for taking your business to a new height! CMS website: a boon or a bane CMS Website is undoubtedly a boon as it ensures a user-friendly accessibility for users who are not even technically sound. Updating your website seems to be a no-sweat task with the Custom CMS. It enables editing, publishing or modifying the contents of a website from a central interface to every authorized user. Besides, it also helps a website remain fresh […]

Website Designing & the Growing Importance of User-Friendliness

The significance of a user-friendly website is equally important as a unique website layout or design. The design should be catchy enough to attract viewers at its very first sight and the functionalities should be user-friendly enough so that your visitors keep coming back. Before you embrace the new and cool revolution of UI/UX websites, you should know some facts and tips to make your website easier to navigate. Some of the key usability elements that add to the user experience: – Proper text layout and thoughtful presentation – Simple navigation – A search function that avoids “no matches found” results – A well-planned and visible structure of the website A great website is a rewarding end-product of many crucial factors surrounding design, navigation, content and functionality. In today’s scenario, running a business website is one of the most significant aspects for a company and thus, it has to be spontaneous, not overly complex and thoroughly engaging. Keeping your website user-friendly will perk up its performance by leaps and bounds, allure more prospects and increase sales for your business. So, before designing your website, you should understand how your target customers or users prefer to interact with the website and […]

How to Boost Website Conversion Rate through Images?

Images are integral part of a website. Along with adding life to the website, they also make your site more sellable. Viewers no longer want to browse through text, they want to experience it. This is possible only when you use the correct images in proper way to help connect with your target audience. If you are unaware of the importance of images when you are trying to get the most out of your present traffic, this blog may help. It presents some proven tips to help you place the images intelligently throughout the website. Gear up with a Mascot Ever came across some attractive websites with a little animated character? Site mascots are in craze these days. Companies are using them to promote services, offers and online branding. These mascots play a crucial role in building a bond with their visitors. They help make your brand more familiar to the customers. People find it easy to remember a cartoon character than a name or a logo. Therefore, flaunt your mascot proudly in your website to stand out from the crowd and multiply your conversions. Human faces act wonder No matter what your business is, you are dealing with humans […]

Avail Sophisticated Web Solutions from the Most Proficient Web Company in Miami

Designing a website can be an extremely tricky process. It plays a dominant role in the internet marketing strategy since it helps enhance the additional sales of your business. Leaning on the most proficient web designing service providers eventually becomes highly important factor for your business. Most of the aspirant business owners tend to team up with the reputed web design companies for getting their website done with acute proficiency and great expertise. The journey of searching for the most eligible web-hosting service providers can be really daunting and exhausting. You can get a number of renowned web design and development companies in Miami that assure to sketch out out-of-box website, without stepping beyond your stipulated budget. You can avail a range of amazing web design solutions from such leading companies. More than a website designer Designing a website is certainly a delicate balance between branding and user experience. A concoction of impressive graphic designs, cutting-edge technologies and highly creative approach can transform a simple website into an out-and-out solution that successfully covey your messages and eventually generate more traffic towards your budding marketing projects. The efficient website designers in Miami make sure to go one step further by prompting […]

How UX and UI Designs are Different?

Currently, in the technical and creative environment, the terms UX and UI are used more often. These terms refer to ideas and specialties, which have been around for years before the introduction of abbreviated terminology. These terms are rapidly becoming dangerous buzzwords. Using these terms incorrectly and in wrong situations is becoming a severe issue for growing number of professionals like product development specialists and web designers. Understanding the relationship, proper separation and usage of these terms is essential for solving web designing issues. This is what a reputed Miami website design service provider follows to provide best services to clients for sufficing their business goals. Principles of UI of UX Are Not Same The common misconception, which we hear in client meetings, workplace and in job listings is the interchange or inadvertent combination of these terms. In many situations, a UI designer by default focuses on user experience as his or her work bear some connection with the user. The fact is that user experience is not the user interface. Confusion occurs because both abbreviations start with letter ‘U’. In addition, the confusion surfaces due to the overlapping of skill sets present in both disciplines. These are related areas […]

What Can You Expect As Web Design Trends?

When you are conscious about your brand advocacy, you need to stay fresh and relevant. If you have not made the necessary changes on your website for a long time, it is the right time to do so. Else, you will be falling behind the competition and lose a major share of revenue despite having a handful of relevant offerings. Hire a web design company in Miami and implement the web design trends of 2016 for attaining undisputed mileage. Adopting Friendly Design Some design elements enhance the personality of your site better than hand drawn illustrations. They offer a friendly edge to your brand and your competitors cannot replicate them easily. You need not create these designs of your own. If want to save time and willing to focus on your core business areas, just hire a reputed Miami web design company by surfing the net. You can see how well this company makes your brand appealing with its art styles. Incorporating Almost Flat Design Before the adoption of almost flat design, the flat design concept became popular. The idea behind the flat design usage was to strip off all frills and fluffs by using simple typography, simple shape and […]

Why Hire Specialized Web Design Services

Whether you are launching a new business or already have one, hiring a professional web design services absolutely necessary. Below are several reasons why you should hire an expert web design company to boost up your business. Representing Your Business Online Hire a specialized company to enhance your company’s image and generate sales. A good looking website acts as your online company image. Your company as a whole may not look professional your website doesn’t have a professional look. And, if your website doesn’t have the professional image you require, you are losing business. Do things that you do best! Just like you specialize in your company’s products and services, a professional website design company specializes in designing a website that improves your business image which in turn generates more sales. Saving Time Hiring professional website design services instead of making the site yourself is going to save you a lot of energy, time, and frustration. There is a large learning curve for making effective websites. There are also several aspects of web development beyond learning HTML and they make it a full time job. Experienced web developers are up-to-date and skilled in many areas, including Marketing, Communication, CSS, HTML, […]

2015’s 5 Trends for Mobile Website Design

If we would have spoken about developing websites or apps for mobile phones during 2000’s, people might have called it strange and considered it a fact of no value. However, we are living in 2015, which is technically far advanced than 2000 and now developing mobile applications or designing mobile websites have become one of the common aspects in the IT industry. Nowadays, anyone can develop mobile apps or websites by hiring a website design company anywhere in the world from Miami to Delhi. Creative a responsive and mobile-friendly website is essential these days. Thus, you should know what the latest trends for mobile website design are. Animated Elements The number of mobile applications is increasing every day, because users are demanding more and more interactions through mobile apps and in this case, nothing is greater than the use of animation. The best way to beat the competitors in the industry is that you have to do something different and make it attractive and user friendly. However, animation can play more functional and motivational role in app development. Relevant animations can offer more pleasant and effective experience for the users. Unlike mechanical and dry experience, perfect animation will provide human […]

What Makes the Custom Web Designs Powerful?

Nowadays, maintaining a website is important for running a business. A website offers suitable platform to build brand awareness. Many business owners think that by deploying free templates, the cost of the website design can be brought down. However, websites incorporating free templates do not fetch higher ranks at search engine results. You can easily overcome the problem by opting for custom web design solutions. Apart from boosting the rank in SERP, custom web design offers other benefits. Learn about the following advantages in detail. Custom Websites Are Good For Online Marketing Activities It has been found that generic template websites are good for print advertising and for spreading word of mouth. With these sites, you cannot apply proper online marketing strategies to make them appear at the top position of SERP. If you want to make your business visible online, then you need to go for a custom design site, which can be developed by a good web design service provider in Miami. Custom Web design Offers Uniqueness Have you ever thought how you run your business? Most of the time, you pay heed to the quality of your services or products along with the pricing policy. Similar concept […]

Effective Web Design for Miami Businesses: Things to Keep in Mind and Things to Avoid

Miami, Florida is a dynamic economic center, and has a gross metropolitan product of $257 billion. Local businesses need a strong presence in the minds of consumers in their fight for market dominance. Startup enterprises, in particular, would benefit from the least expensive of promotional strategies-online marketing techniques like web design in Miami. One of the main reasons why people go online is to find needed information on products and services as quickly as possible. While elements like flash animation can be impressive, often, they aren’t compatible with all browsers. This means that your home page will take more time to load than usual. When this happens, users will most likely look for other websites to find what they need. Symmetrical The important elements in your site must be balanced, and not be at odds with each other. For example: the header must not take up half the space of the page, while the main navigation bar must be located at the top or on the left or right sides, not at the bottom. If you’re using images, make sure they’re evenly positioned next to the content or within the content to prevent them from looking like they were added […]

Batting for Top Draw through Effective Web Development Firms in Miami

Ever dreamt about running a successful e-commerce site that gets a lot of traffic? In today’s increasingly wired world, being able to establish and sustain an online presence is something businesses need to prioritize. Yet it also entails a certain amount of work and expertise. If you’ve mastered a few web design basics, you can attempt to create your own website and promote it over social networks. However, don’t be surprised if visitors get tired before long and find your DIY site rather bland and lacking in features. A feedback form may be helpful, but you won’t get any results from it if you do not understand which kinks need to be ironed out. To set up a user-friendly website that reinforces your brand image, why not get a credible Miami web development firm such as WEBiotic to help you out? With all the web development outfits operating in the greater Miami area, how do you find one that will meet all your needs? First, you’ll want to take note of as many companies as possible and narrow down your list to those with stellar reputations. Ask your friends or colleagues about any contacts they can refer to you. If […]

Characteristics to Look For in a Good Web Design in Miami

The young and trendy consumers of Miami turn to their computers and smartphones whenever in search of a product or service. In an era when anyone can just easily make his own website, standing out and creating a strong online presence becomes necessary for businesses. Online reviews can make or break a company’s reputation. The importance of leaving a good first impression on clients cannot be stressed enough. Your website should provide a pleasant first encounter with your clients. You may provide quality service, but if your website is poorly designed, your clients may think otherwise. Here are the qualities of a good web design in Miami, as suggested by web solutions company Webiotic.

Santa Has a Mobile Website – Do You?

Ho Ho Ho! If you have a smartphone and little kids in your life, you may have visited a few mobile websites featuring Santa and his elves. As you know, surfing the Web on a mobile device is hit and miss with some sites optimized for mobile and others simply impossible to navigate. While Santa has magic on his side (and elves!), regular business owners need to be more resourceful. Fortunately, creative mobile Web designers from Webiotic are available and ready to work their own magic. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile website design and optimization services.

Miami Web Developers Bring out the Best in Design and Ease-of-Use

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), about 240 million US residents or 77.3 percent of the nation’s total population use the Internet. This is a considerable number of people who can be potential customers or website visitors. The undeniable digits can no longer be ignored, and businesses all over are scrambling to maximize the benefits of web design to attract more prospective clients into their sites. If you’re one of them, consider one such modern web design option: minimalism.

Mobile Marketing: Near Field Communications

Have you seen those Samsung commercials where two smartphone users simply tap their phones together to share data? The tap action creates a temporary, close-range connection between the two phones. This is near field communications (NFC) in action. NFC can be used for numerous purposes. For example, it can be with scan-able codes much like QR codes are used. NFC is also being used to process mobile payments. With a range of about one and a half inches, NFC is considered a good, secure choice for wireless payment processing. Thinking about integrating near field communications into your next mobile marketing campaign? Tap into the talent at We’re here to help!

Mobile Marketing: What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes images over a smartphone or tablet’s camera image. It can be GPS-based or require the user to scan a product or logo first. In many ways, augmented reality is similar to QR codes. Instead of taking the user to a website or video, augmented reality superimposes the content over the device’s display. Starbucks recently used augmented reality to bring images on its cups to life while Volkswagen used it to send virtual 2012 Beetles flying over the streets of Vancouver and Toronto. How will you use augmented reality to revitalize your mobile marketing campaigns?

Mobile Marketing: What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a form of opt-in advertising using text messages sent to mobile phones. They typically involve promoting a short code (which is a shortened phone number for text messaging) and keyword (which identifies your mobile marketing SMS campaign). As users text the keyword to your short code, they opt into your SMS marketing campaign. From there, you can send special offers, coupons, news, and other goodies directly to your mobile subscribers’ cell phones.   Before considering SMS marketing, it’s important to have a mobile website and marketing strategy in place. Contact us today to get started.

Mobile Marketing: Adding QR Codes to the Mix

You’ve likely seen QR codes in advertisements, brochures, and newspapers. They’re those funny square barcode-looking things typically found on print advertising. When a smartphone or mobile device user uses the device’s camera to scan a QR photo, the QR code reader takes the user to a website or plays a video. QR codes blend physical advertising with the mobile Web. They allow you to add multimedia to an otherwise static medium as well as enhance the user’s experience.   What can you do with QR codes? Below are a few ideas: Link to your mobile website Link to a portfolio Link to a video Link to a special offer such as a free music download or coupon Link a physical product to an online brochure   How will you use QR codes? We’re here to help you make those ideas come true.

Mobile Marketing: What is Location-based Marketing?

Traditionally, location-based marketing was limited to billboards, direct mailers, flyers, and local TV and radio advertising. Smartphones have changed that. Today, location-based marketing uses GPS technology to deliver multimedia content or messages directly to mobile device users based on where they are. Imagine a local restaurant being able to send coupons to mobile users within a predetermined distance from the restaurant.   When you see a Facebook friend “checking in” at a location, that’s another example of location-based marketing. In this case, the establishment has somehow prompted that user to market to personal friends and colleagues. FourSquare is a similar tool. Users sometimes check in for the fun of it, though others do it in order to earn loyalty points or rewards.   If you run a local business, now’s a great time to start brainstorming location-based marketing ideas!

Mobile Marketing: Moving Beyond Mobile Websites and Apps

No doubt, the mobile Web is booming with an estimated 788 million mobile-only Internet users expected by 2015. While mobile websites and apps are well worth exploring, other mobile marketing tactics should also be on your radar including the following: Location-based marketing QR codes SMS marketing Augmented reality Near field communications Mobile search apps   Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore each of these in greater detail. In the meantime, contact us for immediate assistance with mobile app development, website design, or Internet marketing.

Why PPC Keyword Prices Vary

Have you ever wondered why rates for pay per click keywords vary? Several factors influence rates including your bidding strategy, your competitors’ bidding strategies, keyword popularity and keyword performance.   Obviously, if you overbid for a keyword, you’ll pay more for it. However, if the keyword is hot, other bidders may outbid you, raising rates even further. Similarly, if no one wants a particular word, the price will go down. Some keywords aren’t popular because they simply don’t perform. Meanwhile keywords with phrases that convert such as “buy online” are more likely to be in demand; thus a higher price.

Windows 8 Metro App Development

Windows 8 Metro is coming, are you ready? From the Windows 8 desktop and Windows smartphones to the rumored Microsoft Metro tablet, Metro apps will play a starring role in the overall user experience. If you want to expand your reach to consumers who adopt Windows 8, now’s the time to start thinking about Windows 8 Metro app development.   According to Microsoft’s Metro design style principles, Metro apps are meant to be fast, fluid, and designed for touch. They should be authentically digital, immersive, and elegantly designed. Who better to design your Windows 8 Metro apps than Webiotic? These principles are standard operating procedure for us.

What is Your Site’s Purpose?

Effective website design guides visitors down a predetermined course. Whether a website is an eCommerce site or a personal blog, it exists for a purpose. What is it?   For example, if you have a personal blog that chronicles your struggles living with a health condition, your blog’s purpose may be to raise awareness for that condition. Its purpose might be to support others suffering from that same condition.   Including calls to action can ensure that the site fulfills its purpose. Think about what you want your site visitors to do. Do you want them to share a link? Post a comment? Make a donation? Figure out how they can help your site fulfill its purpose and then include an appropriate call to action.

Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Web?

Whether you’ve jumped on the smartphone/tablet bandwagon or not, website visitors are increasingly accessing the Web using smartphones and tablet computers. According to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report posted in March 2012, Opera Mini (a mobile Web browser) users viewed over 117 billion webpages in March 2012 – an increase of 96 percent compared to March 2011.   These users are active mobile surfers, too, with 75 percent of surveyed Opera Mini users reporting that they spend over an hour surfing the mobile Web each day. Many use their mobile devices as their primary Internet platform.   The Mobile Web is coming of age. Is your website mobile-friendly? These numbers indicate that it’s time to make the move. Contact Webiotic to learn more.

Search Engines and Webspam

Last year’s Google Panda update was just the beginning. Google updated its algorithm yet again in late April. This time, Google’s going after “webspam.” What is webspam? It’s deceptive, non-useful, or irrelevant information. Keyword stuffing, an overabundance of a given keyword phrase, is one example of webspam. Another example involves irrelevant links such as links to debt relief websites embedded in a blog post about prenatal care.   What can you do to ensure your website is webspam free? Focus on quality writing and offer relevant information to your users. It’s a winning combination.

Insta-Inspiration from Instagram

Inspired by Instagram and its eye-popping price tag of $1 billion? When it comes to mobile apps, Instagram is indeed inspirational. Market valuation aside, what’s interesting about Instagram is that it represents a growing trend: Many companies are building applications for mobile devices first, and saving development for the computer market for later – if at all.   Mobile app development is here to stay and will become even more prominent as the mobile Web grows. Start dreaming and let Webiotic develop a mobile app to help your business reach its mobile customers.  

What Do You Owe to Your Twitter Followers?

A recent Forbes article discussing branding tips mentioned Twitter’s head of music Tatiana Simonian’s response when asked how to get more followers. She said, “If that’s all you care about, you’re in trouble. Your followers, you owe them something. They don’t owe you something.”   She has a point. With that in mind, here are a few Twitter tips: Write interesting tweets Interact with followers Provide useful information Know when to back off Earn your followers’ trust   Do all of the above and you’ll naturally attract more followers – and keep the ones you have.

Google’s Venice Update

Code-named “Venice,” Google has made yet another change to its algorithm. Venice is one of about 40 recent updates made earlier this year. Venice is notable because it improves local search results. Think about its implications for a moment. If you’re a user in Miami in search of a local lawyer, wouldn’t it be nice if Google showed a list of local lawyers in Miami?   From a business perspective, Venice could affect your website’s position based on where individual users are located. This change makes local search engine optimization more important than ever.

Is Your Facebook Page Ready for the Timeline Design?

On March 30th, all Facebook pages will be switched to the new “Timeline” design which organizes status updates by time period. As an admin, you can preview or publish your timeline now.   Perhaps most noticeable is the inclusion of a cover photo. Make sure to select one that makes a dramatic impression. Take control over which status posts are displayed by pinning compelling posts to the top and hiding irrelevant ones from view.   Need help? Webiotic offers complete Facebook page design packages. Contact us today.

Web Design Facts: First Impressions Do Matter

We all know the importance of making a good first impression on first dates, during job interviews, and at sales presentations. Within seconds, other people make instantaneous judgments. A favorable first impression can make the difference between getting a second date, landing the job, or making the sale and missing out. The same is true of a website: Website visitors form a first impression within mere milliseconds of viewing it.   Assuming a user is impressed enough to not click the Back button, the first impression can lead to what’s known as the “halo effect.” Whether a first impression is favorable or unfavorable, visitors become biased by their first impressions.   For example, if a website visitor initially thinks the Web design is smart and sophisticated, subsequent judgments will be influenced by this first impression. Products and services may appear smarter and more sophisticated to the visitor. On the other hand, if a user forms a first impression of clutter, sloppiness or disorganization, these biases will affect the user’s overall experience. These same products and services may seem inadequate to this visitor or the company may lose credibility.   Because of the halo effect, Web designers must be aware of […]

What is Usability?

Ever wonder what Web developers mean when they talk about usability? Though not nearly as glamorous as some aspects of Web design, usability is critically important. After all, it’s all about the user experience.   Usability addresses how the user interacts with a website and covers everything from how easy it is for a visitor to accomplish basic tasks (such as navigating the website or downloading a trial product) to the types of errors website visitors make and how satisfying the entire experience is.   For example, have you ever visited a website that’s impossible to navigate or difficult to read without using the browser’s zoom tool? While the graphics and Flash elements may be gorgeous, if you can’t use a website or comfortably read its text, the site fails the usability test – and you’ll likely abandon it.   

Google Plus Your World – Search Gets Personal

Google introduced a new feature, and another game changer as far as SEO goes, last month: Google Plus Your World. When you enter a phrase into Google, Google Plus Your World goes much further than merely serving up results related to your keyword phrase; it looks at your larger social network for cues and delivers “personal” results.   For example, if you enter a phrase such as “Ford Mustang” into Google and people in your social network have shared articles about Ford Mustangs, posted pictures of their cars or shared news about their local Mustang car club’s latest fundraising drive, those results would appear as personal results. Meanwhile, they would also force general results further off the page.   Naturally, this is highly individualized as each individual has a unique network of social contacts. Google search results for the same exact phrase will vary dramatically from one user to the next.   With this change, social signals and search results are a new reality. If you’ve been hesitant to get social, it’s time to jump in. A few ideas to start: Build a Facebook fan page, start tweeting, write shareable blog posts and articles and encourage others to share. If […]

Three Keyword Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Anyone with a Google AdWords account, and even those without, can use the Google Keyword Tool to find keyword phrases for their websites. As you choose your keywords, are you making these three keyword mistakes?   Choosing phrases your target audience doesn’t use. This is an easy trap to fall into, especially if your company uses internal phrases and industry jargon that the general public doesn’t use. For example, a plastic surgeon might refer to a particular procedure as “abdominoplasty.” However, a search engine user seeking this type of surgery would be more likely to enter “tummy tuck.” Choosing a popular keyword phrase without considering context. In your list of keyword phrases you might find variations that are extremely popular such as “cheap math tutor.” If you are indeed a cheap math tutor, then this could be a good choice. However, if your services are at the high end of the pay scale, targeting this keyword phrase may drive traffic to your tutoring website but will do little to drive sales.    Ignoring keyword competition. Imagine this: a descriptive keyword phrase that describes your service perfectly and receives hundreds of thousands of searches a month. It’s perfect! Not so fast. You […]

Updating Local Links

Updating Local Links   If you operate a local business, let Google know about it by making sure local directories link to your website. Updating local links is a fast, effective way to build quality backlinks – and it’s easy to do. Here’s how:   Enter the name of your business or your website’s URL into Google’s search bar. Scroll through the results in search of business directories such as Yelp,, Cortera, and Manta. You may also find industry-specific directories, city directories, and others listing your company. Depending on the age of your business and its URL, some directories may not know your website exists.   Most directories feature a mechanism for users to update listing information. For example, Yelp contains a link labeled “Edit Business Info” for each business listed.Simply click the Edit Business Info link, fill in the details about your business, and enter your website’s URL. A Yelp representative will verify the information and your backlink should be live within a few days.   Your time spent updating local links can yield multiple high PR backlinks to your site. Take 15 minutes out of your day right now and build some local backlinks. You’ll be glad […]

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Consumers expect corporate websites to be as sophisticated and polished as all other aspects of the organization, making it vital to choose skilled Web designers well versed in the fine arts of branding, creativity, and website design.

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Webiotic’s search engine optimization staff includes keyword researchers, Web content writers, and programmers skilled in uncovering the best keyword phrases for your website and incorporating them into the website. Webiotic uses both on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies.

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