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Brand Awareness & Social Media

Social media marketing has come of age, and it is a great way to raise brand awareness. Thoughtful tweets, relevant Facebook updates and authentic conversations with users can lead to: heightened brand awareness and increased traffic, exposure, and conversions.

As users like, comment on or share your posts, your brand messaging can spread like wildfire. However, this rarely happens without an intentional strategy. Whether you want to drive traffic to your site, increase sales, raise awareness, or create an emotional connection with your audience, Webiotic crafts social media campaigns that deliver the desired results.


The first step in presenting your brand on sites like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is to choose the most appropriate social networks for your audience and your brand. You may love Facebook, but if your ideal customers prefer LinkedIn, you need to fall in love with LinkedIn.

With our help, you can raise brand awareness by embracing social media marketing. Let us help you build an engaging, branded presence, improve your credibility, make genuine connections with your customers and prospects, and grow your business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps search engines understand your website so they can send users to it. The goal of SEO is to teach search engines which meaningful keyword phrases are a good match and position your website as one of the top matches whenever those phrases are entered.

The better optimized your site is for relevant, high value phrases, the more likely it will be found by users who could benefit from your products or services.


Webiotic conducts keyword research to uncover the best keyword phrases for your business. Our results-oriented approach involves strategically placing these phrases into your website so that search engines will recognize the relevancy of your site as a top search result. We also use off-page SEO and link building campaigns to further optimize your website.

Search engine optimization is but one piece of a much larger online marketing puzzle. Getting traffic is good, getting targeted traffic is better, and converting that traffic is best of all. That’s why we blend SEO with highly targeted marketing and conversion optimization. We attract your ideal potential customers to your site and include elements designed to get them to convert.

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AdWords and Retargeting

Some online marketing strategies, like SEO, require a great deal of time before you see results. If you’re short on time, paid marketing is the way to go — and paid online marketing has evolved far beyond pay per click to include innovative techniques such as retargeting and remarketing and liquid targeting.

Have you ever noticed ads appearing all over the Web after viewing a company’s website? You’ve been retargeted. Retargeting and remarketing involves tracking visitors using cookies and then displaying targeted ads on other websites.


AdRoll is a retargeting and remarketing network that’s taken retargeting to a new level with its Liquid targeting service, Liquid Ads. With liquid targeting, the ads display the same exact items the visitor has looked at. AdRoll claims an ROI of $10 for every dollar spent on its retargeting services.

Retargeting and marketing isn’t as simple as paying for ads. Webiotic’s retargeting, remarketing, and Liquid targeting services put your message in front of your target audience multiple times, building brand awareness and giving them a compelling reason to take the next step.

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Email Marketing & Automation Marketing

Email marketing, when done right, is the highest ROI marketing approach available. With minimal costs compared to direct mail, email marketing can lead to: increased website traffic, increased conversions, and more repeat business.

These benefits arise from automation (set it up and let it work), on-brand messaging, stronger customer relationships, increased credibility, and greater trust. Plus, there’s no printing, postage or envelope stuffing involved.


Webiotic takes a holistic approach to online marketing, branding, and Web development. Our services are intertwined, with each service representing a smaller piece of a larger whole. We start with the endgame in mind: what is it you want to accomplish? Who are your ideal customers? From there, we dig into market research and branding. Once we have a solid foundation for your online marketing, we then develop brand awareness, social media, search engine optimization, paid marketing, and email marketing strategies optimized to convert.

Our not-so-secret ingredient is conversion optimization, a technique that few digital marketing agencies fully embrace. Conversion optimization drives everything we do, helping us to grow your business and deliver an impressive return on investment.

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